SCARED FOR MY LIFE! Sailing at 22 knots boat speed down HUGE waves (Sailing La Vagabonde) Ep. 105

We just got 22 knots, and I’m telling Riley we need to take a reeve now, babe, come on Last time here on the east coast of France we anchored at an island called Porquerolle This morning we set off for a new adventure to a new country and its a beautiful day Oh cool there’s a castle up there Today we were going to Corsica which was about 116 nautical miles as the crow flies We’d heard tales from other sailors about crystal blue waters and endless castles It was a place not to be missed and we would be sailing down the west coast line starting at Calvi We were expecting a max of 30 knots from the West but up until about 2:00 p.m. The winds were fluky and there was a lot of pulling up and down the sails all morning, but there were dolphins Yeah Riley was just grumpy cause there was no wind and now the airs gone cold, and there’s clearly some serious wind coming so we’ve got to hoist the main again quick lets go We were so focused on getting the mainsail back up and to get moving again we’d forgotten about our code D That was still up from this morning pass me the cranker This was a big mistake. We should have had it stowed away. We had it blocked off by wrapping It around a cleat But only once and the force of the wind was able to unfurl it We headed downwind but we still had a fair bit of wrangling in order to get her under control The winds going in a different direction to the waves It is extremely windy I want to show you something look at that Look at that Brilliant So yeah, that’s the conditions And we’re just sitting level it’s amazing. We are probably averaging ten and a half knots I’d say, we’ve got 25 knots from apparent wind angle is 120 so we are fairly flying along at the moment got a full main up and a full jib so apparent wind speed of between 17 and 18 and I don’t we don’t need to put a reeve in the main just yet we’re going along quite nicely we just got 22 knots and I am telling Riley we need to take a reeve now, babe, come on this is ridiculous 17 knots apparent and we’re absolutely fine. There’s some weird hum that happens hey Riley, we need to take a reeve What’s that weird hum that happens I dont know but lets not wait to find out Yeah, that’s when the boat babe thats when the bow buries and you’re f*&$% we’ve snapped.. we’ve got the line off It’s all good Oh Riles im scared, i dont wanna go 22 knots.. yes you do no i dont Oh shit yea babe no Thats a big wave right here Coffee machine, just went mental I just went to lay down in our hull, because im pretty tired And there’s just no way I can relax down there, you can really.. Hear all the noises down there a lot better than out here and like at one stage There was no gravity and Riley says that’s ok, but it lasted for just so long. I was just floating on my bed and I couldn’t hear any water sounds on the hull 14 knots So I’ve just come back upstairs cuz yeah, I don’t like being down there by myself What do you do when your boyfriend’s the captain I cant fight him It was 28 knots. It’s it’s 23 now so like there’s not generally a lot of relaxing going on on any boat in those conditions We just happen to be going sailing 17 and there’s a hum, 17 yeah 18 Theres that hum Alright whats going on guys? We’re going to take a reeve Now we’re all really excited here on La Vagabond. I’ve just called out another patrons name congratulations to Emily Hare We would love to have you on board if you can make it If 22 knots boat speed it’s not something you’re interested in don’t stress We usually sit on about 10 knots so yeah, otherwise if you’d like to go 22 knots I’m sure Riley wouldn’t mind attempting that one again cool. Thank you for your support and yeah Cheers How was your little nap darling good, i woke up to Riley saying, “get your favourite bottle of wine” But instead what’s that thing? Matteiu gave us to going-away present and it is, I’m not going to try and pronounce it but people from France will understand, It’s local and apparently it’s quite Sweet like honey It’s from the Brittany Yes, its from Brittany, Merci Mattieu You know me too Well Mattieu this is absolutely delicious, it’s like a I cant explain it that is so damn good, its like honey and cider, but without the fizziness A well-deserved drink for the team, we’d arrived in Corsica and had clocked 22 knots as our top speed on La Vagabond it was to be the hot topic of our conversation for weeks and weeks to come they’re right behind us We are just coming into our anchorage now, and there’s no moon tonight, so we’re gonna need a lot of torches, its gonna be quite scary I just brushed my hair, this is what happens all the time Im not used to coming into an anchorage at like 10 knots So ive got Elayna, — night vision Ive got her looking out for buoys and I dunno, It’s way different hey, coming in at this speed but we’re still in a hundred meters of water, so it’s fine, but it’s just vastly different to pottering in at four knots Thanks for watching join us next time as we roam around the famous town of Calvi


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