Samsung Galaxy Tab Pro 8.4 vs Apple iPad mini with Retina Display

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today we are comparing the galaxy tab pro 8.4 to the iPad Mini with Retina Display of these tablets are comparable in terms
of price and specifications but hopefully this video will help you
figure out which one is best for you so leave a thumbs up for more videos
like this in the future and subscribe if you’re not already let’s see how these two tablets stack up
against one another so let’s start out by taking a look at
specifications now both of these tablets are very similar in size but I
personally think that the tab pro is easier to use with one hand as far as hardware under the hood goes
there’s definitely a difference between the internal components used in both
tablets but in my opinion you’re not sacrificing
performance with either one according to Samsung the tab pro is
actually a hair thinner than the iPad Mini with Retina display but I couldn’t
see it and either way both these tablets are
extremely thin as far as build quality years it’s hard
to beat the iPad Mini’s unibody aluminum design but the faux leather backing on the tab pro 8.4 definitely adds to
its premium look and feel it doesn’t feel cheap and it’s safe to
say that Samsung definitely has a miniature tablet that can stand up
against the competition next up let’s take a look at hardware
externally you’re not going to find a huge difference between the buttons and
ports on both these tablets but the galaxy tab pro 8.4 does carry and IR blaster which will I to
control your TV in things like that other than that we have volume rockers
on both devices a mute switch on the iPad Mini and a
lock button and microphone on the tab pro come around to the bottom side of the
devices both of them are equipped with stereo speakers and then in the center
the speakers we have our charging ports on the top side we have a 3.5 millimeter
headphone jacks on both devices while the iPad Mini also has a lock button and a microphone now if you’re the type
of person that used to having sake is on a device you might wanna stick with the
tab pro because it’s got to a bomb and the home button while the iPad Mini
just has a single home button in the center of its bottom bezel both devices have front facing cameras
but the tab pro wins with its megapixels and quality on the back side at the tab pro we have
an 8-megapixel shooter that capable of recording 1080 p video while the iPad
Mini only has a 5-megapixel camera with 1080 p video recording and a rear Mike let’s go ahead and take
a look at some camera samples here if you’d like to see the full resolution
image is found in this video I’ll be sure to link them down below in the
description so go ahead and check it out but here are a couple of examples of what is
possible on both devices and then we have some video footage here
from the tab pro 8.4 which actually looks a lot better than
what came of the iPad Mini with Retina display of course that’s just my opinion be the
judge for yourself and let me know what you think in the comments section next up we’re taking a look at
performance we’re going to benchmark these two devices and compare the
results and the first up is an 22 and as you can see the tab pro 8.4 beat out the iPad Mini
with Retina Display coming in with a score of 35203 taking a look at Geekbench three as you
can see the iPad Mini actually beat out the tab pro in the single-core section while the tab pro beat the iPad Mini
when it came to multi-core scores but in my opinion you’re not going to
find a huge difference in performance between these two devices you’re not going to find a whole lot
that will bog down either one when it comes to gaming browsing the web
watching movies writing anything you can think up they’re both
going to handle it with ease so performance is definitely not an
issue in this comparison one thing I can tell you for sure is the
display panels on these devices are absolutely incredible the iPad Mini has
a 7.9 inch display with a resolution of 2048 by 1536 at 326 pixels per inch while be galaxy
tab pro hasn’t 8.4 inch display with a
resolution of 2560 by 1600 with 359 pixels per inch either way you look at it both these
devices have gorgeous displays but in my opinion the tab pro actually has better
color representation and the iPad Mini now while this comparison is in a battle
between I was in android I’d like to take a look at a software feature that
is currently available on it the tab Pro Series and compared to
what is available on the iPad Mini if you haven’t guessed yet i’m talking
about. magazine UX now this is a new feature on the Pro Series the Samsung tablets and it gives you
some additional home screens that are powered by Flipboard this will allow you to browse through
stories based on categories that you select and then you can tap on wanna go ahead
and read it and you flip the pages just like a magazine hence the name magazine you ax now there are some other
things you can do with this you can actually rearrange the tiles in
here you can also change the layout by using the button at the bottom as you
can see me doing right there and then you also have the ability to
add new home screens or select different categories to appear on the existing
home screens now there is one additional screen that
will give you the ability to quickly check your calendar email OpenOffice documents and things like
that and again you can rearrange these widgets but what if I told you that you can have a very similar
experience on I O S yeah magazine you exxon I O as well I
have to do is download Flipboard from the App Store and you’re
all set up and ready to go go ahead and launch clipboard sign up
for an account and here you know we have the same thing we can rearrange tiles we can move stuff
around we can select Custom categories and then
we can it’s like the category and flip through pages again just like a magazine so you’re
really not missing much between the two you if you like magazine
you act and you prefer I Laswell here is your solution you can download
Flipboard and you’ll have it all just the same so which one is tablet is going
to be the better purchase well for me personally I think it is a
type but it’s going to depend on what you’re used to if you’re tied up with Apple’s ecosystem
and I cloud and things like that you’re definitely going to want to stick
to Iowa s but on the other hand if you enjoy Android or you wanna try
something new or your apt into a lot of Google services the samsung galaxy tab pro 8.4 is not a bad device to look at it is
absolutely phenomenal and its on point with everything that
the iPad Mini with Retina Display is all about so which tablet do you think is the
better one added it to you let me know down in the
comment section below and leave this video a thumbs up if you
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