Rob’s Healing Lessons – Bulging Eyes

Welcome to Rob’s Healing Lessons.
Today’s theme is bulging eyes. The eyes are the mirrors of your soul. To someone’s eyes you can
see what his enthusiasm is. Whether there is much sorrow in it.
Whether there is evil in it. Whether someone is socially involved
with the people around him. Or that he lives entirely for himself. Whether he is to a certain extent a
headache for contact with people. All that kind of thing.
The energy of somebody. You can see that all.
To the eyes. His lifelongness, whether or not. The eyes are also connected to your kidneys. Are your kidneys contaminated then
you will get bothered by your eyes. Then you will feel some sandiness.
Whether your eyes are going to feel tight. They are going to feel dry.
It does not feel good. Then you have to rub a little while in that eye.
Then everything will be done again. The kidneys pollute.
How do the kidneys pollute? Because we have become
inner fets here on earth. Thus we are often not born.
Although, it can. Because the first period. The pregnancy period, you are already
very busy with your parents. There you are already going to behave. After we are born we soon become
learned to listen to that feeling. Do not whine but continue is the familiar sentence. Which makes you listen to your thinking.
To your logic, to your ratio. But feel free to push you away.
That is vague and untrusted. That is not concrete.
You can not help it. At one point there are so many
missed negative emotions. Angry, sadness, disappointment.
In those kidneys. The kidneys are so polluted.
That those eyes should give trouble. But what else happens. As a mind go into a body
We are getting farther from that body. Because we want to keep
an eye on all those eyes. It is actually very wonderful.
Our eyesight, our eyes. Is actually the only sense we immediately
assume as an established proof. See, then, believe. It’s the only sense of what
We use that way. While we do not see bacteria, no viruses.
But we know they are there. So in that, those eyes can
that again does not see. There is of course a lot of course.
Love, call it. There are a lot of subjects youc an not show that it exists. But it is.
You see it and you do not see it. Sometimes you see people who
Have very puffy eyes. Those eyes really look like this.
They almost roll out of the boxes. Why is that? Those are people who are so
disappointed in life that they have the idea
that everybody is on a sidewalk. They are the only ones really
see how things get together. At the same time, what happens
to those people and originates. Is that the control tower of that
thinking is going to be very important. Those people do not want to
leave anything else to others. They have the idea that they are the only ones… who can save the people, the world
around them. Keeping an eye on everything. The point is with those people.
They can not relax anymore. They can not relax their thinking.
They can not relax their eyes anymore. They have the idea that they are for
you and everyone should look Because we do not see it well
enough like that person. These people, what they need
to learn to let go of control. To be confident that
life is good for you. But they do not. They attract continuous events. In which an expectation pattern becomes truth. Because they expect the world
about them will make abuse of them. That all goes wrong
If they do not control. That becomes a self-sufficient prophecy. This is my question.
Release the check. People with outstretched eyes.
Trust in life. Around you are all guides.
Angels, deceased relatives. Preparing your life.
They make sure things get well. If you can let that control go. You will notice if you will.
Then the eyes go in again. They can relax again.
They do not have to be so outrageous. Like a kind of giant cameras
that keep an eye on everything. I want to thank you for watching.
Happy next time. Thank you, please.

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