Retina Patients One Minute Tony v7 (NOVARTIS)

My name is Tony Fitzgerald. I’m in the men’s
clothing business and I have suffered from AMD for three years. It’s vital that in
my business that I function, that I can continue to see the colors, and the
product that I’m about to purchase. That’s totally detrimental if I don’t
get the right colors and I understand it and I see this perfectly now but into
the future I won’t be. Also, sure that’ll happen driving is very important for me
it’s very part of my business because I travel to nine different businesses that
we own. I would have been aware of macular degeneration and I didn’t like
the label because as associated with older people. A treatment then came on
and I was bit concerned of with the lack of vision but being temporary it didn’t
worry me too much. Now that was going to become a permanent thing the
possibility that it might spread to my good eye at the right hand-side really
scared me. The sound of getting an injection in your eye from M.d. sounds
horrendous. It’s not it will be fearful the first day. Don’t be afraid of it.
Don’t be afraid to go and check it. It’s important you owe it not to yourself
alone, you owe it to your family. Surely must be one of the most awful things to
be without sight. It’s so important. Test yourself, look after yourself.

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