Retina MacBook Pro 13 – Review

I’m Casey from, and this is
the early 2013 retina MacBook Pro 13 from Apple. It’s strikingly thin, yet it feels
incredibly sturdy when you hold it. It’s like the MacBook Air grew up and got a better display. Although the display is the main feature of
this machine, it has a couple other features worth noting. Along with a backlit keyboard,
you’ve got an SD card slot, HDMI, and USB3 for connectivity. You’ll need to use Thunderbolt
for everything else (like ethernet and firewire), but that’s not all bad, as the expansion options
for Thunderbolt are getting pretty exciting lately. Gone are the days of a metal power button.
Once you press this, though, it’s only a matter of seconds before your machine is ready to
use. The trackpad is the same fantastic trackpad
that ships with all Mac laptops, and this one is no exception to the quality Apple rule. The vents on the bottom of the laptop add
a lovely industrial look, and it’s worth noting that this thing is dead silent during operation.
Even with a heavy fan load, it’s really, really quiet. Wireless performance is a bit disappointing.
I got a 300 mbps transmit rate sitting in the same spot that my 17″ 2011 MacBook Pro
gets 450 mbps, connected to an Airport Extreme 5G. Perhaps it’s the smaller antennas that
cause this drop in speed. This MacBook scored 16.45 fps on the Cinebench
OpenGL test, and 307 on the CPU test. Geekbench reported a score of 9,164 – which is okay,
but you can definitely do better, even with older laptops. The only perfomance most consumers will care
about is USB3 transfer speeds. I connected a 1.5TB WD MyPassport to the laptop to test
its USB3 prowess. The transfer rates were just above 50 MB/s, or 400mbps, which is as
fast as I’ve ever been able to access this spinning hard drive. Once you get your files onto the MacBook’s
PCIe SSD though, you’re in for a whole new treat. Write speeds upwards of 400 MB/s and
read speeds of almost 450 MB/s. All in all, this is a great laptop if you
want a sharp display, great portability, and quick USB transfer times. I’m Casey from Friday Next. Thanks for watching!


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