Reality Distortion Field — How To Remove Your Reality Distortion Goggles Like Steve Jobs

– A lot of entrepreneurs
have these things, but they’re actually called
reality distortion goggles. (dramatic techno music) If you ever read about Steve Jobs, he talks about the
reality distortion field. Now the reality distortion
field is what allows us as entrepreneurs to
actually be entrepreneurs. It allows us to be the
little bit of the crazy ones, the misfits. It allows us to be in this spectrum of ignoring certain things in our life. It allows us to actually do the impossible because we look at the
mirror and we’re like, of course, we can do it, of
course, we can do it, right? So what’s really interesting is that these reality distortion goggles are our biggest advantage
and our biggest disadvantage. It’s a double-edged sword,
because there is a problem. If we don’t take the reality
distortion goggles off from time to time, we’ll
end up ruining our business. Because the reality distortion
goggles are amazing, but if you always are
in reality distortion, you don’t actually know what reality is. And the problem is that everybody else isn’t in reality distortion. Your customers and your
clients and the way that your business actually works, your finances, your operations, your sales, and your marketing, sometimes you’ve got to
kind of come up and make (takes deep breath) ooh, let’s look what the
actual world looks like. So these reality distortion goggles need to be kind of coming off. So when they come off, and
I’m gonna share a link, I’m gonna share a guide with
you on how to take these off, the six pillars of having
a seven figure business. And it talks about how to
actually take these goggles off, and actually how to be in a place where, of course, you can
actually see the reality. Just enough so that you can
make the right decisions, so that when you put them
back on, you say woaaahhh, like at what this reality can
bring, look at this vision, look at this wonderful mission that I’m on as an entrepreneur. And the thing is, is that
if you live in both worlds, reality and distortion,
your dreams will come true. So if you enjoyed this content
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entrepreneurs continue to elevate, allowing us to evolve society
and involve our world. I’ll see you next time, bye. (dramatic techno music)

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