Real Moments: Retired and Paying for Dog Cataract Surgery – Carol’s Story | CareCredit

Hi, I’m Carol and I’ve been with CareCredit for three years. This is Mr. Darcy. He’s my love dog. He’s eight years old. He’s a Westie. And thanks to CareCredit, he can see me, and everything else. The first time I needed CareCredit was when Mr. Darcy, my dog, developed a cataract. And he was eight years old, and I decided I wanted to get him to be able to see, so I applied for CareCredit. So he had had cataract surgery, retina surgery, and now a correction from the retina surgery because of some oil leakage, which happens during that surgery sometimes. So CareCredit really gave me the flexibility to get that done. If I didn’t have CareCredit and I had to take care of Mr. Darcy, I’d have to go into my retirement savings to pay for these kinds of medical bills. I’m just very, very grateful that CareCredit is there. And as a retired person, it gives me the ability to take care of my dog, and still be able to handle operations that come up like this unexpectedly. So I’m very grateful that CareCredit was able to give me an ability to get the surgeries that he needed, so that he can live a long and happy life.

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