Prophetic Prayer: Rise Up!

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home brushed on eboshit a cutie Empress ticket era mama mushy bleh hashtag good morning everyone Jennifer LeClaire
here with you author of our devotional warnings with the Holy Spirit sitting
below to the still small voice of God I’m the senior leader at the awakening
house of prayer in South Florida the church the equipping center a place
where the Spirit of God does what he wants to do amen god is good all the
time today’s devotion titled oh oh oh oh break old soul ties my my my my my break
old soul ties a hey shake it a today’s scripture I mean today’s a devotion
reads sometimes old associations need to be severed I understand why you are
reluctant to lay the axe to the root of rotten relationships you don’t want to
hurt anyone I love that about you but if you don’t do it people will hinder the
harvest of blessings in your life says the Spirit of God obey my voice I
know where father is taking you and he has a more abundant life in mind for you
so when I show you it’s time to break a soul tie break it and don’t look back
rest assured that you’ll be blessed by your obedience and I will take care of
the one I’ve told you to leave behind my my my my mind cool shit bitch dick ain’t
a maja shake hey hey oh my goodness oh my goodness oh my goodness that Spirit
of God is rising up let’s rise up with him Genesis 19 26 Deuteronomy chapter 28
the whole thing and John chapter 10 verse 10 or the scripture references for
today prayer starter show me the ties that I
need to break and the ties I need to strengthen to see your blessings
overtake me no matter how much it hurts to let go of old associations that are
poisoning my soul strengthen me to obey your voice Hebrews to Moshe say if they
can’t get initiative god is good we give you praise and honor
and glory this morning you are awesome you are mine if you are Magnus you love
us with a perfect love casts out everything in our lives that doesn’t
belong there God we surrender to you fully we surrender our eyes to you we
surrender our are our hearing to you our sense of smell
all of our natural senses we surrender them to you our whole body as a living
sacrifice we refuse to surrender to sin we refuse to surrender to control we
refuse to surrender to any tie that tries to bind us we refuse to walk in
the in a powerless gospel because your gospel is not powerless we’re not going
to water it down we’re not going to dilute it we’re going to walk in the
fullness of the power of God the power of God’s – the gospel the power of the
Spirit in the name of Jesus we thank you Lord we lift you up today
you are awesome in power you are mighty mighty mighty mighty Mahdi is our God
you are a warrior the Lord is your name we thank you Lord we submit our entire
soul to you our mind submitted to you our will in line with you our emotions
put under the blood our intellect our reasoning our imaginations we submit it
all to you God the entirety of our soul god help us to press in to the renewing
of our mind that we would be transformed and prove what your perfect will is
according to Roman’s I thank you Lord we’re going to prove to the world that
you are our God that your will is what we’re after god help us to press into
the Matthew 6 and 33 mandate seek ye first the kingdom that came to the
kingdom the kingdom of God and his righteousness hallelujah in
everything we need will be added to us will never lack God help us to put first
things first second things second third things third lord help us to put sin out
of our heart and out of our mind and to be solely focused on you you are the
author you are the finisher of our faith you are the beginning you are the edge
you are the Genesis you are the revelation god help us to walk lockstep
with you oh I thank you Lord in the name of Jesus that we can hear in the spirit
when we walk in the spirit though we can see in the spirit when we walk in the
spirit that we can smell discern in the spirit when we walk in the spirit
therefore God help us to be those led forth by your spirit and by peace those
that are led by this by the Spirit of God they are the sons of God lord help
us to mature in our faith help us to mature in the gifts of your spirit help
us to mature in the fruit of your spirit help us to rise up in the name of the
lord i thank you lord i thank you lord i facial for a rising up today a rising up
today i heard the Lord say this morning rise up it’s time to rise arise and
shine for the glory of the Lord rest upon you rise up there are things in
your life that have been trying to press you down you’ve got to resist and rise
resist and rise hashtag resist and rise it’s time to
stop bowing to the oppression it’s time to stop bowing to the pressure it’s time
to stop bowing and it’s time to rise oh we’re not gonna bow to any other god but
you Jesus and we’re gonna rise up in the power of your spirit not by might not by
my power but by your spirit not but it’s not by our might god it’s not by our
power but it’s by your spirit that we will rise up
and the Lord say come up higher come up higher come up higher for I want to show
you things to come says the Lord for many questions I’ve entered into your
heart and this season says the Lord questions about my word questions about
my heart questions about your life questions about your circumstances and
the enemy has come to riddle you to riddle you to riddle you to cause you to
wonder and walk around in circles is like an enigma there are some things
you’ve not been able to figure out says the Lord but get out of your mind and
get into my word get out of your reasoning and get into my righteousness
says God because I want to show you things to come and I’ve promised to do
so and I am reiterated my promise to you today says God I am speaking it again
and again because you forgot what I told you
you forgot my promises are yes and amen you forgot in the midst of the battle
against your mind and you began to feel scrambled and sullied you begin to feel
abused even in your mind I just see abuse abuse abuse there’s enemy abusing
your mind but the Lord says to you today that I’m going to bring healing to your
soul I’m going to bring healing to your body as you press in to the to the power
of transformation that is in my word because my word is like medicine to your
flesh is like healing to your bones says Lord my word will root out that in your
mind that does not belong there the seeds the enemy sowed in your mind my
word will root them out my word will pull them down my word will tear them
out it’s time to lay an axe to the root says the Lord the root of those things
in your life that is holding you back those things that keep you from moving
forward into the next the Lord would say to you today that I myself will lay the
axe to the root if you lay yourself bare before me if you sit in my presence and
stop thinking about your problems but start thinking about me says god I
myself will root out those things that I have shown you that you’ve become so
desperate to rid yourself of and you could not do it in your own strength the
Lord would say to you my grace is sufficient for you not just
to endure but to deliver you because I will deliver by my grace and by my
mighty hand and I will reach down and I will pull you up and you will rise up in
my power and you will walk as a deliverer comforting goes with the
comfort with which I have comforted you you will rise up with comfort you will
rise up with power and you will invade the darkness and you will take back what
the devil stole not just for you but you will intercede for my people and you
will help them to recover all you will help them to see in a fresh way you will
help them to understand that they too can rise up says the Spirit of the Lord
father I thank you this morning now we can rise up rise up rise up rise up and
fight back rise up and push rise up and press rise up and pull I just saw a
picture of a tug of war I see that Lord it’s a picture of a tug of war I see a
piss shake a tape I see a picture of a tug of war and you know who’s pulling
with you I said you know who’s on behind you
I said you’re at the front of the line I says I see a believer uh I just see it’s
like cease great sweat I see great sweat pouring from your face
because of the struggle but I see angels coming behind you to pull with you and I
said you’re gonna pull the devil over the line he’s trying to get you to cross
the line in some certain area he’s tempted you to sin he’s tempted you to
do it your own way he’s tips that you to leave God out of
the equation but you’ve been wrestling you’ve been struggling it’s been a
tug-of-war it’s a power struggle it’s a power struggle it’s a power struggle but
I decree and declare today greater is He that is in you than he that is in the
world and the angels are encamped around you and they’re pulling with you and the
Holy Ghost power on the inside of you is rising up now because you’re gaining
confidence you’re gaining momentum you’re gaining new vision you’re gaining
new strength I just saw you just I just saw you win the war amen it’s a tug of
war what I saw you win it because the devil
his demons are no match for God in His angels and called his on the inside of
you and his angels are with you I just thanked your Lord in the name of Jesus
that we win hallelujah we win in the name of Jesus we win we win the
spiritual tug-of-war that’s been going on in their lives some of you for years
it’s just been years and you just your your arms are tired because you’re
pulling you’re pulling you’re pulling you just keep pulling you’ve got to pull
it’s just to maintain you’re not even gaining ground so but you feel like
you’re not even gaining ground you’re just pulling just to stand but that’s
okay because the Bible says when you’ve done all you can do to stand stand
therefore in the evil day but there comes a moment oh my sword Rock
accomplished it stopped there comes a moment in time when God says enough is
enough it’s time to rise up you’re no longer a maintainer of what I’ve given
you but you are a press-up you are a then I just said what’s the word I’m
looking for you’re not a maintainer you’re not just a maintainer but your
pursuer I thank you lord we’re not just gonna maintain what
you’ve given us we’re gonna increase yeah that’s what it is right there we’re
not just going to maintain it we’re going to increase we don’t just want
maintenance anymore some of you have to see that Lord some of you have been in
maintenance mode maintenance mode maintenance mode just trying to get by
just hoping you don’t break down just maintenance mode maintenance mode
maintenance mode and you have a bad day and you spend some time with the Lord
you’re just trying to maintain but it’s not time it’s not a season for
maintenance mode it’s a season for breakthrough mode it’s a season for
increased mode but you gotta rise up you’ve got to rise up as time to rise up
I said the Angels are on your side the hosts of heaven the Holy Ghost Jesus
himself is on your side he’s praying for you he’s praying for you he’s crying for
you he’s seated at the right hand of the Father according to Hebrews ever making
intercession for you isn’t that amazing isn’t it just glorious that Jesus Christ
himself is making intercession for you to the Father
oh Jesus thank you that you’ve set us up for success so we rise up we rise up we
rise up we rise up we rise up in the spirit of James 4 and 7 we will submit
ourselves to you God if you’ve got to deliver us from something in our soul
God deliver us from the evil if you’ve got to bring us into a new relationship
and out of an old one God cut the ties and established new ties if you’ve got
to cause us to move to a new city if you’ve got to lead us to a new job Lord
whatever it is that’s pressing us down whatever it is that we cannot see
whatever it is that we’re blind to whatever it is we don’t discern God
would you open our eyes today in the name of Jesus for your glory I thank you
Lord that you’re so willing to redeem the time but God we’re tired of having
to pray redeem the time we don’t want to waste time we don’t want to be set back
anymore God show us what we cannot see open our eyes to what we do not know
help us Lord not to walk in a manner that’s unworthy of our calling but help
us to walk in a confidence and a joy and in an assurance knowing that as we take
a step forward we will not no longer have to take two steps back I see that I
see there’s some of you that’s in a cycle it’s an it’s a cycle it’s a cycle
it’s a cycle it’s a cycle it’s a scythe I see this cycle and every
time you take one step forward it’s like you take two steps back some of you take
three four or five steps back I don’t know who I’m talking to
it’s like you muster up all the strength you’ve got and you say yeah I’m gonna
rise up it’s like you muster up all the strength that you’ve got and you just
take that one step some of you it’s just even a baby step it’s like all you can
muster it’s all you can do it’s all-you-can-eat took half their strength
to get up and is taking the rest to take a step forward and it’s
the enemy comes in it’s like two steps back three steps back four steps back
and it’s a setback it’s a setback instead of a breakthrough you’re seeing
a setback you pressed for a break do you believe
for a break do you agree with me for breakthrough you say yes to increase you
say yes to more god you’re saying yes in your heart but somehow someway the enemy
keeps knocking you down and then you’ve got to get back up and it takes so much
strength to get back up you’re pressing your pushing you’re relying on God
you’re leading into him and you take another step forward a power pitch it
Katie it’s same thing happens again I break this cycle in the name of Jesus I
break the cycle of setback a Tata box T I break the back of setbacks in the name
of the Lord that spirit of setback I break it in the name of Jesus I come
against it with the blood of the Lamb I say we will no longer submit to setbacks
but we’re going to break the back of the devil over everything he’s tried to stop
and hinder and harass in the name of Jesus I’d break hindering spirits I
break spirits of procrastination that is rule Moshe koto i break harassing
spirits in the name of the Lord I break these things and Lord Phyllis again
Phyllis again Phyllis again because discouragement has come this courage
Minh has come to so many with setback after setback after sits like a pattern
it’s like a not just a powder but and not just a cycle but it’s just it’s just
like this it’s almost like you’ve gotten used to it
omatsu it’s like you’ve got you that you expect it that’s the problem that’s the
root for some of you this is the root listen hear me for some of you this is
the root you expect the setback you expect the setback you expect it and you
get what you expect most of the time the Bible says on more than one occasion in
Proverbs your expectation shall not be cut off your expectations shall not be
some of you are expecting a setback and you’re getting what you expect you don’t
have faith to rise up fully your faith to get up
but you don’t have faith to rise up in other words you get up because you know
you can’t give up but you’re not rising up not empowered I’m your faith because
your faith is for the setback your faith is for the cycle of sit my god can you
see it if you can see it you can get free of it if you can see it you can get
free of it if you can see this you can get free of it
you got the faith to get up because you know you can’t give up you’ve got the
faith to get up because you know that you cannot give up and congratulations
to you for not giving up because maybe dude but you don’t have faith to rise up
because you have faith for a setback the enemy has perverted your
expectations because of many many disappointments and Hope deferred makes
the heart sick therefore you have come to live below your means below who you
are below your identity below the promises of God and you’ve settled
because of the set season of setback so the cycles of setbacks has caused you to
settle I don’t know who I’m talking to you’re not to settle you’re not to camp
out in the land of disappointment you’re not to settle stop settling for less
than God’s best challenge yourself you can believe again you can rise up again
you can do it one more time you don’t need you just keep getting up but you’re
not rising up you’re getting up you’re shaking the dust off but there’s another
step you’ve got to come up higher all Jesus would you help us today help us or
die break this cycle of setbacks in the name of the Lord what I asked your Lord
to help us to recognize that tendency the thought that comes at the moment of
breakthrough that causes us to settle for a setback instead of a instead of a
right instead of a breakthrough help us Lord to discern these thoughts that come
to cause us to settle to discern these thoughts that come to cause us to accept
that cycle to cause us to expect the wrong thing when you want the right
thing for us help us Lord help us lord help us lord help us Lord to press in to
another level of viii faith comes by hearing and hearing
by the Word of God Lord goes back to transformation renewal of the mind god
help us help us to meditate on your word instead of the devil’s word hahahahaha
help us Lord to meditate on your word instead of the devil’s word oh Jesus
help us to meditate on your word your word brings life your word is pure it’s
been purified seven times in fire your word is true
you are not a man that you should lie nor the son of man that you should
repent but the devil is a liar and he’s never going to repent he’s never going
to change he’s never gonna think any differently
his thoughts towards us are for death and destruction and a robbery father
help us to embrace your promise that you came to give us life in abundance to the
full until it overflows according to John 10 and 10 help us Lord to embrace
the reality of your mandate and your calling on our life it’s not to be less
than abused slandered sick diseased and firmed depressed anxious sorrowful this
is not your portion for us you came to give us life
your very own life Lord we thank you that we are partakers of your divine
nature Peter said so eloquently inspired by the Spirit we are partakers we
partake of your divine nature and there’s no failure in you there’s no
sickness in you our nature is like your nature you created us in your image the
sin nature in our flesh must bow to the nature of your spirit on the inside of
us we take charge over our lives right now in Jesus name and we sin no longer
will we be led by our flesh we decree and declare let that by the grace of God
no longer will be we be moved by the temptations of our flesh but we will
crucify our flesh we will mortify our flesh we will buffett our flesh we will
kill our flesh we will not walk in our flesh we will not walk in
our imaginations those vain imaginations that come to steal your word out of our
hearts the cares that choke out the word the love for things of this world that
forfeit our harvest help us Lord give us grace to walk in your spirit not in our
soul our unrenewed mind help us Lord to be able to fully submit our soul to our
spirit and our spirit to your spirit we want to rise up God not in our flesh
some of you have been rising up in your flesh you know what that brings feelings
of condemnation feelings of condemnation some of you have gotten angry in this
season but the anger has manifested in your flesh the angled man the Bible says
the anger of man does not accomplish the righteousness of God Matthew 6 and 33
seek ye first the kingdom of God and His righteousness his righteousness
we must not rise up in our flesh we must not rise up in our unrenewed mind we
must rise up with our sanctified will a will set on doing the will of the Lord a
will set on seeking first the kingdom of God and His righteousness a will set on
obeying all of his commands his command or less your command to be delightful to
us let us delight in your commands because your commands are not burdensome
according to 1st John your commands they’re not burdensome they’re not heavy
they’re not weighty they don’t drag us down they lift us up
they liberate us so that’s a deception right there somebody’s believing a lie I
might just be one of you listening to me sometime five years so now but I’m going
to say it anyway some of you have been tricked by the enemy to believe that the
Lord’s commands are restrictive and keep you from doing what you want to do keep
you from having fun but your spirit man does not find fun and what your flesh
finds fun in your spirit man wants to obey the Lord your spirit man
to dwell in the presence of God so his commandments are not burdensome and I
break that line in Jesus name they’re not restrictive they’re liberating his
Commandments liberate you from sin his Commandments liberate you from bondage
his command liberates you from from the torment in your mind and the fear in
your heart His commandments cause you to rise up in the power of his might
because obedience the grit the willing and obedient shall eat the good of the
land according to Deuteronomy the willing and obedient Lord make us
willing in the day of your power and give us the grace of obedience that we
might love you with all of our heart all of our soul all of our mind all of our
strength and sin would be distasteful to us getting angry and our flesh will be
distasteful to us gossiping about people will be distasteful to us slandering
people would be distasteful too it’s distasteful to us distasteful to us it
would just disgust us help us Lord to find sin so utterly unappealing that
when it comes knocking on our door we don’t even hear the knock any longer we
don’t feel the temptation II longer it’s just we say oh yeah whatever I’ve gotten
to that point in this season with certain things that used to tempt me and
it’s just like I hear the thought come and like yeah whatever not going there
for some of you it’s a it’s it’s it’s a thought to lash out for somebody it’s a
thought to feel sad this thought comes and says well I’m I’m sorry for or or or
just it doesn’t even say that but it’s just a feeling it’s in your subconscious
the thought that isn’t even conscious to your mind that’s where it gets really
hard to break through if you’re not cognizant of your feelings understanding
that your feelings are tied to a thought even if you don’t hear the thought the
thought could have been planted in your soul so long ago that it’s not even a
conscious thought anymore it’s just there your subconscious just like you
don’t have to think about brushing your teeth you don’t have to think about how
to cook certain certain meals you just it’s just like you could can we talk to
on the phone and click off dinner and you don’t even know how it
got cooked but you did because you know it’s like when you ask your grandma how
do you make those special cookies and she says like I don’t even have a recipe
I just throw that listen throw a little that it’s just ingrained in you and
there’s some of you that that if you’ll just pay attention to what you’re
feeling and stop giving in to the feeling come on when you feel sad what
do you feel angry you might not even know what’s making you mad you might not
even know what’s making you sad because it’s a subconscious see that’s just been
planted there and it’s just so down deep in there that’s why we got to root out
and rise up root out and rise up root out pay attention to what you’re feeling
don’t get into these feelings that are not in line with what the Lord says
you’re to feel God has emotions but God’s anger is not like our anger it’s a
righteous anger his grief is not like our brief it’s not the same we say well
God gets a man he grieves yeah not the same way that your flesh does not the
same way that your soul does it’s a different paradigm it’s a different
paradigm Jesus suffered and he felt all the emotions we feel he was a man
acquainted with grief and sorrows he wept when Lazarus died he we do not have
a high priest that is not in tune with our infirmities according to Hebrews but
he understands and he’s compassionate but we need to stop being led by our
emotions we need to understand they’re tied to something either our flesh or
something in our soul whether we know it whether we can discern it whether we can
pinpoint it it’s there if you’re dealing with a lot among all the emotions ask
the lord to to help you renew your mind to get to the roots show you what it is
and then that temptation to feel that way that temptation to allow that
emotion to impact or drive your behavior it’ll it’ll just be gone just let it go
just let it go don’t take the thought don’t don’t take the emotion let it go
just let it go root out rise up resist and rise up amen in Jesus name well that
was good I was praying this morning lord help me help me help me minister to your
people because I felt so many that came on today whether you’ve been
on ever today or before whether you’re on every day or just every once in
awhile I felt like there was just a desperation to break through some things
that have been holding you back rise up so I thank your Lord in Jesus name for
the rising up of your people then we give you praise and honor and glory in
the name of your precious Son Jesus Christ amen and amen
hallelujah god is good god is good god is good god is good god is good
hallelujah praise God I’m happy are you happy are you a happy happy happy joy
joy praise Jesus hallelujah it is good I will be done thy
kingdom come in our lives Jesus for your glory hallelujah bridge teemoshi cotton
Baba ma Akito bishop or shaka hallelujah god is good I feel like rejoicing I feel
like celebrating I could do a song and a dance both at the same time hallelujah
praise God he’s good my guy my guy is gonna be a good day
hey hey it’s gonna be a great day buddy Scott Tyrol quarto it’s gonna be a great
day guys it’s gonna be a great day come on decide that it’s gonna be a great day
your circumstances come on now your circumstances can’t dictate to you what
kind of day you’re gonna have your heart dictates it you said in your heart I am
going to have the best day ever and a friend many years ago and every time I
would call him I see how are you best day of my life thanks for asking every
time that was his mindset that was his posture and you know he was like a
multi-millionaire he had a Pitta he was a fine Christian man with a lovely
Christian wife he had three or four cars and it wasn’t extravagant he was he was
he would give them away community he had a huge mansion in West Palm Beach and
and it was just he was a mighty man of God but every time you asked him how are
you doing he’d say best day in my life thanks for
asking praise God it’s going to be a great day hallelujah praise God hallelujah hallelujah hallelujah God is
good all the time I want to give you an opportunity to so today some of you
found deliverance in your heart today you got a key today something happened
that was special for you today helped me so bad give back so were you growing so
were you growing I want to challenge you today to if you especially if you’ve
never soda seed into this ministry you’ve been on these calls for a long
time you hear me and some of you tune out some of you have already hung up
that’s alright you got what you needed it I’m glad because it blessed you if
you listen to the replay I bless you some of you today is a good day to sell
it’s gonna be a start your day sewing you’ve received you’ve received you’ve
received start your day so and you start your day sewing watch what happens watch
what happens I’m I’m gonna start look what happened watch what happens when
you start your day sewing have you ever tried it some of you have starts your
day sewing let that be one of the first acts of the day maybe you got up and
brushed your teeth and hasn’t call few already but let that be your first
physical act and the kingdom is too so today amen give it a try
God loves a cheerful Giver we’re cheerful right now we’re cheerful right
now let’s give out of our cheer and out of our breakthrough Amen it’s an
extension of our worship it’s a it’s a thank you Lord thank you you know the
ten lepers were set free only not only one came back and said thank you
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you feel that breakthrough you’re agreeing with it you’re saying yes
hallelujah well your treasure is there will your
heart be also you can saw one time see there you can
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god is good hallelujah want to remind you of a couple of things listen listen
the prayer called thing for Atlanta the interest called for the / a meeting for
Atlanta was prematurely taken down so I’ve put up a new one personally and you
can go there Jennifer LeClaire. if you were in the
Atlanta area you’re interested in learning about what we’d like to do and
to pray into the House of Prayer that we want to start there please please please
go and register the call will be on Monday you may not be able to listen
live because you may be you’re an on holiday or having a barbecue but you can
still get the recording and be able to follow up with our office and ask
questions about it amen Jennifer LeClaire. org sorry Jennifer LeClaire. now on there you’re also going to find a
lot of other things some there’s there’s free stuff there for you like the puppet
like the interview I’m doing with Patricia boots MA
living a life full of divine encounters I’m gonna be a teaching with her she’s
gonna be sharing from her new book you can go into this Jennifer LeClaire. sign up if you can’t any of these things that are recorded we
send you the copy so you don’t have to be there live if you can’t be there live
don’t worry about it it’s all good so go there go there go there go there listen
the making of a profit webinar part 2 the bonus section I’m gonna be probably
doing that on Saturday afternoon and if you can’t watch it live it’s okay you
know I want to share just a quick story of indication someone in my someone who
signed up for the webinar apparently had I offered a few people of three months
in the in the network and she got on there and just kind of had I don’t know
what kind of experience she had but but apparently she began to unbeknownst to
me unbeknownst to me who it was but began I guess to judge me and she wrote
a letter yesterday I said Jer Jennifer I’ve just finished watching the making
of a profit webinar and this was one of the best investments I’ve made in my
life I felt the prayer at the end was for me I want to sincerely apologize for
judging you on the feast for being an ignite as you were as if you were like
others creating groups or webinars to feed your belly I apologize I honor and
bless you and I respect that I respect that the conviction of the Lord came you
know I do understand a lot of people out there are doing things just to feed
their belly what you have to understand about me is everything I do every
program I create is led by the spirit and I do take a salary from the ministry
but it’s not a very it’s not an overwhelming salary and all the rest of
the money is the Lord’s and it’s going into all kinds of other projects for the
Lord you know I only take so much as a science not feeding my belly I take so
much from them and by the way I have businesses as well that feed my belly
praise God I have companies I have revenue streams in the business world
I’m not dependent on on on on a bunch of manmade programs to feed my belly Amen I
do things according to the Spirit of God so but it took courage for this person
to write that it took courage to admit that and I could feel the curses I just
got an email last night on Facebook message last night from a seer and she
said I don’t know who this person and she called this name this name of a
prophet if I called the name of this prophet you would know this name of this
prophet and said this person’s cursing you and dragging your name through the
mud and actively trying to turn people against you and she said I sought the
spirit I even know this person and I saw it in the spirit so it’s it’s amazing
that people for some read and I know why because this person was offended that I
that I that they didn’t get on the cover of charisma magazine when I’m in the
edit when I was the editor but guess what I’m not the soul I was not the sole
decision maker I was not the sole decision maker I was not the sole
decision maker I don’t get to just I did not get to just decide who got on the
cover I had influence in it but they were offended because they wanted to be
on the cover and and they didn’t get on the cover and they blame me for it
amen and so this person apparently because the seer doesn’t even know this
person just saw it in the spirit saw their name and then went tried to find
them to see if they were a real person this prophet is dragging my name through
the mud turning people away from me because of
the no offense and then prophesying all these things about world events well you
know what dear God help us it’s a dangerous place to stand in but I can
tell and I can feel what I’m being cursed and you need to learn how to
discern when you’re being cursed as well I might do a whole teaching on that at
one point how to discern when curses are coming against you because you can
discern it you certainly can but it’s what you know what but but the I bless
him so I actively last night before I went to bed I blessed and prayed for
this this man of God because I believe he’s a true prophet but I believe he’s
deceived himself with an offense and but you know but but it’s good to know see
God will give you a heads up that’s one way to discern it listen the IHOP Casey
the prophetic intercessors retreat sign up for that we’re gonna take a bunch of
people out to Kansas City and we are going to – we’re going I’m going to be
teaching I’m going to be laying hands on you I’m gonna die might cast out a few
devils praise God I might prophesy over you I’m gonna be
equipping you to prophesy gonna process over each other we’re gonna be soaking
in the prayer room we’re gonna be eating together and and and and talking
together and building relationships together amen this is gonna be in August
it’s a Thursday Friday Saturday but if you can’t make it for all three days you
could make it for part of it you should come if you’re being led by the Lord but
you can prophet Vanessa and pastor Austin will be with me and you can go to slash prophetic retreat slash prophetic retreat
the first 50 people that sign up are going to get a free year of also of a
hop TV free t-shirt that goes with the event and the mp3 teachings from the
event which is is worth way more than the trip alone also a free month and
either the prophetic mentoring or the prayer mentoring depending on what’s
going on with those so it’s like I don’t know let’s see over $500 of free
stuff when you sign up and the trip doesn’t even cost that much so that’s
just for the first 50 people that we don’t have 50 people yet
I’m not having hardcore push this I’ve mentioned this really and the last
couple weeks I think a couple of weeks ago I mentioned that and they’re like 20
people or so signed up immediately but that’s still their go-to
slash prophetic retreat and you’ll be able to really just hang out with me
it’s gonna be a good time and you’ll like that it’s gonna be many of them
from it some people that actually change change the course of your life because
you’re gonna learn and grow and hear the things you’ll get a recently you’ll
receive a word so go there that’s interesting to you why you can still get
on Oh prophet Deb we’re saving your spot prophet Deb amen
prophetic slash prophetic retreat so go there while you still can
and get in on this all these bonuses that we’ve created just for you god is
good I did the I’ve got a couple I’m gonna teach you in just a moment
my vlog I’m gonna put out the first episode of my vlog today it’s called
pour out if you’ve not subscribed to my youtube channel you’re gonna want to do
that beresch data by state / JN
Leclaire or just type my name in and and you’ll find my channel and you’re gonna
want to subscribe because I’m starting to put out a vlog we’ve got three or
four episodes produced we’re gonna put the first one out today hallelujah I did
the shift seminar yesterday on on Supernatural coach Scott nary is gonna
be doing one on finding your Christian prince charming for the ladies it’s
gonna be in June so if you’re interested in that supernatural coach com god is
good god is good god is good amen barista Moshe cotton male get a
bitch take a TM prosto show kultura bashed a hallelujah can I pray for you
before we go dear God I’ve been praying for you for 30 minutes
hallelujah I prayed for you for 30 minutes praise God
we’re gonna jump off now and go into a short teaching in Jesus name


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