Prophetic prayer: Breaking Jezebel’s witchcraft

and morning a weakening please in Ottawa Canada please little awakening blaze wolf shamash Dallas slowly glory glory glory thank you God Fort Worth Texas good morning Trinidad please awakening blaze calm
even awakening blaze in Trinidad rocket ah shit Katie come on boy girl of glory we didn’t sleep last night I’m gonna
tackle Matt prophet Vanessa gave me some tough stuff what’s call my god help me
it’ll been some crazy thing could have a trick homeopathic cough suppressant isn’t she
nice to you guys you might hear me hacking and coughing the question is why
don’t have to stuff all these dates that’s the question that’s the question I have I’ve suffered all these days my body does not like chemicals like a
night Carly share this with her friends invite your halls we gotta go I couldn’t
get the Wi-Fi to work in this hotel it’s your premise let your kingdom come to look at your
kingdom come God come on bring your glory God come on don’t take medicine so don’t poison my body to cure my diet
I don’t think there’s missing our bodies can’t heal itself we treat them like a
body business medicine people need to take certain things I try not to
let’s get frying nails it’s like a discussion about my medical history how that’s why sometimes I don’t respond to
comments distracted I’m healed that is my bottom
line let’s get started share this with your friends and invite your followers I’m writing a new devotional this will
not be out for some time I’m writing a new devotional it’s gonna be the best
devotional ever more about that in the months ahead sorry Phil Eclair here with you author
of our emotional mornings with the Holy Spirit eliciting daily to the still
small voice is guide many of you may not know I also wrote a devotion called
evenings with the Holy Spirit it’s a whole new set of prophetic devotions and
prayer today’s devotion entitled you have all you need and I hit somebody
wrong I felt it pushing back already you have all you
need here’s what I heard the Lord say I know all things and I see all things and
I understand all things trusting me means you don’t have to know all things
and see all things and understand all things says the Lord you have me you
have all you need in Christ seek to know me the way I know you seek to know
father seek to know Christ as you grow in relationship with us knowing us will
be enough for you you won’t search for answers you’ll search for me and I will
give you the answers you need when you need them that’s a good word I don’t
care where you’re from today’s scripture references proverbs three and five psalm
46 and 10 and Deuteronomy chapter 4 verse 29 and the prayer started for
today you love those who love you and if I seek you diligently I will find you
let me be content knowing your heart helped me to avoid the reasoning and
questionings that distract me from your love I choose to trust you always in all
things hallelujah glory to the lamb that takes away our sins glory to the lamb of
God who gives us all things Fortuna and God glory to the lamb of God who always
leads us into triumph in battle glory to the lamb of God who heals our
infirmities who binds up our broken hearts who helps us
every minute of every day whether we recognize it or not your help is it ever
is ever-present you are a ever-present help in time of need
glory to the lamb of God glory to the Father of lights glory to the Holy
Spirit glory to each of the three persons of the Godhead father we thank
you that you are a real God you’re not an imaginary God put pent up on the wall
you’re not a dead state that we’re praying to you are alive you are alive
you are alive and well praise God you are alive and thriving hallelujah
everything that you a speak it comes to pass everything that you bless it
prospers father we thank you that you are with us and we are with you and
together together we can do anything we can do all the things through Christ who
strengthens us you’ve given us the power to create wealth you’ve given us the
power to heal the sick in your name you’ve given us the power to take
dominion over our minds and over our mouths you’ve given us the power come on
you’ve given us the power you’ve given us the power that raised Christ from the
dead it dwells on the inside of us and no one can take that power away no one
can snatch us from your hands no one can separate us from your love come on God
is good he is with you and if God is with you if God is for you who can be
against you and who does it matter I thank you Lord that you are faithful Oh
shutter Toccata you are a faithful God you are an awesome God you are a mighty
God you are a healing God you are a protector God you are a deliverer God
come on you are everything we could ever hope for
all-in-one three-in-one Father Son and Holy Spirit you’ve got it all covered
you’ve got it all covered the Holy Spirit walking with us living in us
Christ in us the hope of glory Jesus Christ it’s sitting at the right hand of
the Father ever making intercession for us oh god you’re so good
got it all figured out you’ve got a plan it’s a master plan you’ve got a plan
it’s a perfect plan you’ve got a plan it’s a plan that
cannot possibly fail I thank you lord I thank you what I just you know what
saying to somebody I have a plan don’t you think I have a plan whatever
it is you’re going through whatever it is you’re facing I have a plan says the
Lord I have a plan and my plans are perfect and my plans are thorough I
don’t leave any eyes undaunted or any tease uncrossed nothing gets by me
nothing slips past me I see the end from the beginning
I see the opposition that’s trying to destroy you says the Lord I see those
minions keeping you up at night with worry and regret and pain and wonder
outside I see those things that stole you I see those things that hinder you
but the Lord would say to you today that I am greater than all of those things so
why don’t you just look up why don’t you just take a look upon me says God why
don’t you just gaze upon the beauty of my son says the Lord why don’t you just
do well on the reality of the Holy Spirit’s presence on the inside of you
says God why don’t you stop looking around and about and everything that’s
going wrong and talking about it and thinking about it and telling everybody
around you about it and confessing how it will never change says the Lord why
don’t you begin to say what I say about you why don’t you begin to say what I’ve
said to you in the past season says God why don’t you begin to read prophesied
that which has spoke to your heart many years ago why don’t you begin to
prophesy it again and again why don’t you take polls advice says God why don’t
you pick up that prophetic word and swing it like a sword says the Lord why
don’t you do what Jesus did in the wilderness why don’t you say to the
devil it is written because my word is alive says God my word is sharper than
any two-edged sword says the Lord is able to divide from what is bothering
you and your soul and what is coming against you in the spirit says God is
able to discern your thoughts is able to help you discern the enemy’s attacks is
able it’s able as Abel is power for its mighty it’s my word why don’t
you stand on it says the Lord why don’t you walk in it says the Lord why don’t
you meditate upon it says the Lord why don’t you confess it day and night
night and day says God why don’t you renew your mind with it
says the Lord I’ve left it there for you says God it’s right there for you it’s
in a book it’s in a book it’s in a book I left you my Testament
I left you my will all you have to do is agree with it says the Lord like I said
and Amos though how can two walk together unless they’re green but so
many times says God you come out of agreement with me and you get into
agreement with the enemy of your soul says God so break that agreement and
realign yourself with my heart because I am here and I’m ready and I am willing
to lift you up again I am here and I am ready and I am willing to dust off the
enemy’s residue of resentment and the enemy’s residue of shame with that
attack that attack that attack that never seems to stop says the Lord I am
willing to intervene but I’ll intervene with my word in your mouth because my
word and your mouth will not return void anymore than it will turn boy out of my
mouth says God so why don’t you try putting your word my word in your mouth
and why don’t you stop speaking the enemy’s words out of your mouth says the
Lord I’m giving you a battle plan says God I’m showing you the way through this
season of trial I’m showing your way through this season of temptation I’m
showing you the way through this season of unbearable agony press through with
my word my word is like a hammer and it breaks things to pieces but you must put
it in your mouth says the Lord you must speak it forth says the Lord not just
one time not just one time use my word like a carpenter uses a hammer to build
a house let my words frame your life says God let my words frame your life
let my words build your life let my words build your life let my words
renovate the house that you built that you don’t like the life that you built
with your words the life that you don’t like right now says or let my word
renovate it let my words rip down things that you built that were not of me and
let my words rebuild areas that the enemy has come and an attacked and
attacked and attacked using the words out of your mouth that weren’t in line
with what’s coming out of my heart says God if you’ll get into agreement with me
says the Lord if you’ll stop thinking what the enemy wants you to think and
stop saying what the enemy wants you to say you’ll see swift victory says the
Lord and there’s somebody who’s who’s listening to me and and you just you
woke up like feeling like like there was something wrong you just woke up feeling
like like oppression like like like your life you’re just not happy you didn’t go
to bed feeling that way you sure didn’t go to bed feeling that way you’re happy
last night is whether you woke up with something like you just can’t shake it
like some kind of sadness what is that that’s called an enemy attacking you in
the nighttime that’s called the devil messing with you while you’re asleep I
would an article some years ago you can google my name and you can
google this article the title of it and find it it’s called when Jezebel’s
witchcrafts keep you up at night when Jezebel’s witchcrafts keep you up at
night I’ll never forget when I shifted in the realm of warfare from the enemy
not being able to mess with me when I was awake I’ve gotten so strong in the
Lord and the powers might but I was able just to you know just to shake it off
and shrug it off yeah it was there I I had to deal with it yeah it was it was
manifesting ie I had to actually fight it but it was like in what nothing but a
thing it was like okay so then he started tormenting me in my sleep
Jezebel started attacking me in my sleep because you’re less defensive you have
less defenses in your sleep you’re both more vulnerable you’re more vulnerable
in your sleep so you wonder why sometimes you get go through these
seasons being tormented is actually it first and
sometimes in some ways now you could be an unforgiveness and the tormentors
could just be coming after you you could be in sin and just you know whatever but
I’m just saying generally speaking it’s really an underhanded compliment from
the enemy because the enemy knows that you know all this stuff I’m throwing at
you in the daytime it doesn’t seem to be really working all that well yeah it’s a
bit of a distraction for them they’ve got to stop and pray I can see the enemy
strategizing is I know what I’ll do I’ll rob their sleep I know what I’ll do I’ll
attack them in the night I know what I’ll do I’ll whisper things in their
soul to make them feel when they wake up with as soon as they before their feet
even hit the ground that they’re already thinking depressive thoughts and I’ll
see if I can take their day down that way and I’ll exhaust them by keeping
them up at night with bad dreams or with worries that are injected in their mind
while they’re sleeping witchcraft that just keeps them almost like an insomniac
not thinking about anything not worried about anything just can’t sleep there’s
all the all many kind of nocturnal strategies of the enemy and I’ve never
written about nocturnal strategy or the enemy I think one time a few months ago
six seven eight months ago on this broadcast I said I was gonna write about
nocturnal and I wrote it down somewhere I forgot but there’s a whole other realm
of spiritual warfare it’s a nocturnal realm and I need to
write about that prophet Vanessa I don’t know if I’ve ever seen anybody write
about it I just experienced it and it’s in there’s there’s it’s in the Bible
there’s context for it there’s context for it so if I could write about that
that would be really good you guys somebody remind me but I want to pray
against that so father we thank you this morning we thank you this morning we
thank you sighs lift up all those who are having sleep difficulties and you
know what if you’re not having sleep difficulties you need to get an
agreement because it is a strategy of the enemy and it could be you tomorrow
so let’s just break this before it even manifest if you’re not having it now
praise God I’m really happy for you I’m sincerely grateful to the Lord but let’s
break it before it does try to come thank you lord thank you lord thank you
lord thank you lord thank you Jesus I thank you Lord that you’ve given us
your whole armor and God if we’ve got to sleep with our armor on praise God
if we’ve got to sleep with our armor on to deal with the nocturnal warfare then
we’ll sleep with our armor on in the name of Jesus we are armed and ready for
battle all the time every day praying without ceasing we thank your Lord in
the name of Jesus that you give you a beloved sweet sleep and father we’re
going to pray every night before we go to sleep
especially in this season of Jezebel’s witchcraft but we were going to declare
that our God gives us sweet sleep because we are his beloved then you give
us rest for our souls we’re gonna plead the blood of Jesus over ourselves from
the top of our head to the soles of our feet we’re gonna anoint our heads with
oil we’re gonna we’re gonna ask you Lord for your protection
send angelic messengers round and about us God even while we sleep to battle
that which tries to battle us I’ll break and bind every assignment
against your sleep right now in Jesus name I come against insomnia I come
against Jezebel’s witchcraft I come against worry I come against hormonal
imbalances I come against a nutritional deficiency Lord expose these things but
if there’s something we’re not doing in the natural that’s causing us not to be
able to expose it and help us correct it but God we know there’s an enemy and he
roams about like a roaring lion seeking someone to devour
we know there’s nocturnal demons who are a sign to disrupt and corrupt our sleep
and our dreams I broke the powers of nightmares in
Jesus name I break the powers of of just sleeplessness in Jesus name this
assignment this witchcraft assignment my lord this witchcraft assignment to keep
us up at night I’m breaking in the name of the Lord and I decree and declare you
shall sleep you shall sleep with the sleep of God and you will be refreshed I
speak refreshing over all those who have not been able to sleep even today even
today even today even today all those who have been up all night last few
nights going through a season of sleep difficulty sleep restlessness I just
speak refreshing over you God let them take this as a sign come on God let them
take this as a sign that the thing that the tide is turning
that this this plague it gets their sleep is broken the tide is turning the
tide is turning yes Lord I just heard the Lord say you know some of you just
need some good sleep hygiene you need to go to stop going to bed with the TV on
you need to turn off the lights and let it be dark and cool in your room get a
comfortable temperature don’t eat a big meal before you go to bed some of you
just leave some sleep hygiene and everything is not the devil’s fault but
a lot of it is and especially in this season it’s left how impractical
seriously I heard the Lord saying that some of you just need some good sleep
hygiene some of you are just blaming the devil it’s like you you just sitting up
all night drinking coca-cola and and eating big meals and pizza and you go
into bed and your body is just not liking it but many times it’s a spiritual attack
and especially in this season so we break those things god help us to walk
in balance the Bible says to be sober and well-balanced in the amplified
version of first Peter 5:8 be sober and well-balanced
in order to help us be diligent about getting to bed on time let us not do
anything here’s the thing guys whenever we don’t treat our bodies right whenever
we we we you know eat a big heavy meal late at night and you know make that
habit I mean sometimes you have a choice any time we’re sitting out drinking soda
pop at ten o’clock and watching junk on TV we’re just giving the enemy an open
door to mess with us in our sleep I know the conviction the Lord’s falling
on somebody anytime we abused our bodies we overrun it we don’t we don’t eat
right we don’t we’re giving the enemy an open door so father we repents if we’ve
opened the door to the enemy by not taking care of our sleep life our are
our waking life God if we’ve not if we work too hard if we’ve done too much if
we if we run too fast if we whatever we’ve done more to open a door to the
enemy well we ask you to forgive us in Jesus
name we slam that door shut and we say no mas devil we’re getting ourselves in
line with the Word of God we’re getting ourselves in line with the Spirit of God
we will do everything God’s called us to dude you’ve given us grace or give us
the grace to sleep give us the grace to eat right give us the grace some of you
bless your food but you ain’t eat anything worth nothing thank you Lord we
give you praise and we give you honor and we give you glory help us walk a
balanced life because you have so much force to do there’s so so much force to
do we love you we thank you Lord amen amen and then you can go read that
article if you want to a summary a website type in Jennifer LeClaire. org
when Jezebel’s witchcraft keeps you up at night and that’s gonna be the answer
for a lot of you for some of you you just need to quit drinking coca-cola
and watching the news at 11 o’clock hallelujah God is good listen I want to
give you an opportunity to give today I’m up in Santa Rosa Beach at the
Christian International are having a Washington’s leadership conference this
week so I’m thrilled to be here ran into my brother and sister Ryan and joyless
trains in the Atlanta Airport I think they were stalking me I’m not sure I was
you know I think I don’t think there’s like like I don’t know but it was I’m
just kidding it was really good to see them both I hadn’t actually seen joy in
such a long time in person of course we talked on the phone but she’s lovely and
she startled me yesterday she got me so now I got to get
her back but they’re they’re wonderful blessings we’ll be together in April
doing a webinar want to make you aware of that you can go to Ryan List
Ryan lestranges Eventbrite so you can just go to Ryan Lestrange calm and sign
up pal so Ryan and I are doing a a webinar on the ox and eagle anointing
colliding synergy it’s about the apostolic and prophetic anointing when
they collide when they come together and it’s going to be dynamic we’re writing a
book about it and that’s going to be in April
it’s going to be in April so go to his website and register for that if you can
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it possible for me to do all the things that I do actually
we need more offerings to make it possible to do the things that God wants
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if it wasn’t for your faithfulness if it wasn’t for your loyalty and your
generosity we just simply could not make a lot of this stuff happen there’s a big
vision there’s big plans there’s you know shot normal if I told you Sean
Bowles prophesied over me about a media legacy and all these things I’ll share
that at some point later there’s also a video on my website where he is you can
go watch it where he’s reading my dreamwalk prophecy and sort of talking
about how it impacted his life and then he preaches a really great message that
will encourage you you can go find that on my website it’s right there on the
home just go through the articles but there’s
so much more to do and I need your help to do it to fulfill God’s vision not
just with media but going into the nation’s it’s real you know the warfare
and the nation’s is real that’s why we have the awakening blaze prayer movement
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box three oh five six three four Lauderdale Florida three three three
zero three amen the build your dream webinar well I say
I built your dream what do I mean I mean you’re building the dream God put in
your heart amen perfectly if we don’t unless the
Lord builds the house we labor in vain who build it it’s the same thing with
anything you build in your life build your dream don’t sit there another year
listen to me guys don’t sit there for another year and watch other people
excel in their dreams and you get jealous or upset or feel left out or
wish you know here happy for them maybe but you just wish you had the time you
can there’s no time problem I keep like no there’s no time problem it’s how you
spend your time it’s how you prioritize your time there’s we all have 24 hours
in a day we all do people see I don’t know how you get so many things done and
still keep yourself in the place of prayer it’s a matter of priority I don’t
get done everything I want to do but you know what I did I hired another another
part-time administrative assistant and profit – I need to have a phone call
with her today who’s off the charts take some of this in the browser been talking
forever about that you got to do what you got to do prioritize sometimes you
just turn off the TV wall makes a world of difference I don’t watch TV you know
I do I listen to YouTube videos from old speakers from many many years ago
teaching on principles that are helping me in my life
sometimes I’ll watch a little something on Netflix too to rest my mind but for
the most I don’t sit in front of a TV for hours and hours and watch TV because
I’d rather change the world now I’m not condemning you if you want to watch TV
I’m just saying that there’s something in your life somewhere that you can cut
out to make room for the God dream that’s in your heart maybe it’s not TV
maybe it’s who knows maybe you sleep maybe you sleep 10 hours a night you
only need to sleep 8 I don’t know build your dream go to school to spirit TV go
to school the spirit TV for school spiritual warfare
so on Saturday school the Sears it’s on next Sunday come on I’m equipping the
Saints for the work of the ministry I want to see people rise up and do what
they’re called to do and move in their gifts and not be in places where they’re
told they can’t because you listen you can do anything
God’s told you to do it’s not gonna be easy it might not be easy a matter of
fact it probably won’t be easy just help you it probably will not be easy oh my
gosh how did you get in here the maid just walked right in my room
I’m not even dressed it won’t be easy but you can do it you can do it in then
go to school of the Spirit TV i bless you I got to get ready for some stuff
today so I’m gonna not do a teaching but I’m going to tell you go my website
Jennifer LeClaire. org watch this uh there’s also a video when Jezebel’s
witchcrafts keeps you up at night amen love you guys be back with you soon


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