Prof. Komi Balo – Glaucoma in Africa

Why is glaucoma important in Africa why do we need to do something? I think that it is important because it is a disease that affects many people, it leads to a high rate of blindness it makes up between 8 and 12% of cases according to statistics and it affects very young people. It is a disease that causes irreversible blindness meaning it is a chronic disease that is often difficult to manage, and patients are seen at very, very advanced stages. For all these reasons, I think it is important to meet and share our knowledge in order to find the best strategies to implement in order to push the world forward while benefitting the patient. I think it is one of the reasons and it might be all of these reasons I think that after this meeting having had the opportunity to share our extensive expertise we will implement some kind of guideline that everyone can get behind to ensure that we all do the same for all patients in the different African countries. I think we’ll see great results and ensure consistent care for all the different patients we have. We know that there are specifics, particularities but still, the patient will benefit from this Thank you.

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