Prof. Dr. Dr. Theo Seiler about the new era of femtosecond laser systems (SCHWIND pre-series model)

The current problem at SMILE is that we
don’t have a procedure that allows us to recenter the treatment area and we don’t
have an eye tracking systems that aligns the axis of a cylindric correction. We were looking around for partners
where we could start a femtosecond laser joint venture to create cyclotorsion
adjustment and astigmatic adjustment, even getting a shorter learning curve.
And to avoid complications like we have it today. And by accident I met Mr.
Schwind and we found out that this company is capable and strong enough to
provide such a system. Here we are, two weeks ago I was in Bangalore and did my
first cases using this femtosecond laser. All of a sudden, we did have the chance of
readjustment of the zone and of cyclo torsion adjustment and therefore under
certain the whole area of myopic astigmatism is open. With the recentration, possible recentration, once the eye
is docked, all on a sudden, also hyperopia is in the distance to reach, in
the next years. Here we are, the new era of FEMTO with SCHWIND has started. #SchwindLaser

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