Pretty in Pink (7/7) Movie CLIP – Tell Me the Truth (1986) HD

Why haven’t you called me? Oh, I got nailed
for the stable thing. I guess a groom saw us.
It’s against club rules. I called you three times,
and I left messages. Yeah? Well, I didn’t get ’em. My family, they’re
irresponsible about
that stuff, you know. I waited for you
this morning. Yeah? Where? Parking lot. I saw you, and I thought
that you saw me. No. What about prom, blane? Oh, andie,
I’m having a bad day.
Can we talk later? No. What about prom? Come on. Why don’t we
just meet after school? No! What about prom?
Andie, come on. Just say it.
What? Just say it!
I want to hear you say it. Andie, please,
all right. I wanna hear you say it! A month ago I asked
somebody else, and I forgot. You’re a liar! You’re a filthy,
fucking, no-good liar! You don’t have the guts
to tell me the truth! Just say it!
I’m not lying. Tell me!
What? Tell me!
What do you
wanna hear? Just tell me!
What? You’re ashamed
to be seen with me!
No, I am not! You’re ashamed
to go out with me!
I am not. You’re afraid.
No, I am… You’re terrified
your goddamn rich friends
won’t approve! Just say it!
Just tell me the truth! You don’t understand that
it has nothing at all
to do with you. Andie! Andie!


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