Power Rangers Operation Overdrive – Pirate in Pink – Rosie the Bold Fight (Episode 6)

(rangers yell and grunt) [Miratrix] Give it! (triumphant music) Ahoy, maties! Rose? Rosie the Bold, at your service! What happened to her? You’ll not be taking
this map, ya wicked witch! Think again, matey. Get her! (monster growls) You scurvy hunk of scrap! Back to the briny deep with ya! Hey, don’t you think we should help her? I don’t think she needs it. Looks like she’s enjoying herself. (explosions echo) This isn’t over yet. That’s it, run, before I keel haul ya! That was awesome! What happened to you? I don’t know, but I feel
as jolly as a jay bird! Now let’s go find us the eye of the sea! What has gotten into her? I’ll bet my lucky pearl
it’s here, I can feel it. X marks the spot. Start digging. Aye, we found it!
Yep. I don’t see it. There’s more here than meets the eye. There she be! The eye of the sea! It’s more beautiful than I ever imagined! Okay Brownbeard, you said
you just wanted to hold it once and you’ve done it. Now we want the real Rose back. Fair enough. Where am I? What happened, I feel so dirty. Sorry, but I haven’t bathed
for a few hundred years. Well, I’m off. (laughs) I’ll be keeping the eye for myself. Whoa, what happened to holding it then letting your soul rest? Oh, that was a little lie. I always meant to steal it from ye. Now, I must be shoving off. (explosion echoes) Thanks for doing all the
hard work for me, darlings. It’s all mine, baby! Wait! Tah! I hope you’re happy! Your greed has put the
whole world in danger! Ew.


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