Pink was so high during her first music video, she couldn’t keep her eyes open – Fox News

 At least for one video shoot, Alicia Moore was a little more green than Pink.  The singer, 40, re-watched her old music videos for a recent Billboard interview and revealed some juicy behind-the-scenes secrets about the video for her debut single, “There You Go ”  “I was … 19 when I shot this video. I smoked a lot of weed, too, and [director] Dave Meyers kept coming up to me and saying, ‘Can you wait to smoke that next blunt before the beauty shot?’  “I was like [closes eyes], ‘What do you mean?’ He was like, ‘I really want you to be able to open your eyes I was like [eyes still closed], ‘My eyes are open.’”  Earlier, Moore describes her “There You Go” style as “the prettiest I’ve ever looked, and will ever look” but noted some complications with the video’s motorcycle-heavy action “I’d just started riding motorcycles and almost crashed 85 times.”  Another fun — and possibly apocryphal — tidbit: In the 2006 video for “Stupid Girls,” the ersatz 50 Cent who appears next to pink at one point was named “Quarter Cent ”  “I’m not kidding,” Moore says. “It’s 50’s cousin. At least that’s what he told me ”   Share this:

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