Pink Spotlight Glitter Eye Tutorial REGINA GEORGE MEAN GIRLS MAKEUP SERIES! Ep. 1

Get in losers, we’re going shopping! Hey guys! Ashley Elizabeth here with AEHM artistry and hey welcome! This is a
two-part inspired, three-part I should say, inspired video of this little eye
look that I did. So part one is it being inspired by Valentine’s Day coming up.
Part 2 is for my Fatal Babes out there! “Mean Girls” inspired eye look. And number 3
is its a Mean Girls inspired eye look! I’m completely inspired by the Mean
Girls movie. I’ve always loved it! I remember watching it when I was in high
school me and my friends were just obsessed! And the quotes, like, we still say to this
day! So I created this look kind of inspired more like Regina George. If
Regina George did her makeup today. Which is…I don’t even want to know how much
later. Like, how long has it been since that movie came out? But if she
completely glam-ified herself on what like the trends are right now.
That is kind of like the little look that I did. So I’m gonna do a little
character series inspired by that. So they’ll be some more Mean Girls
makeup inspired but not like recreating their specific looks. But taking what
they were into, like what their status was, kind of like what they would do
their makeup nowadays. Does that make sense? Does that kind of makes sense? And I also did
this look a few weeks ago for one of my videos and I also posted this picture on
Instagram and I had a couple requests for the look. So I was so happy to
recreate it, and then I had the whole idea to do a Mean Girls series. So if you
love Mean Girls and you love makeup then let’s dive right in! *Intro Music* Face is already all done. I went ahead
and just put a lip liner on but I haven’t decided about what color I’m
gonna do yet. So I’m gonna go ahead and do my eyebrows really quickly and then
we will get to the fun part. Okay? Ahhh, that’s much better! So today we’re gonna
be going in with mostly the Sigma Creme de Couture palette and then the Too Faced
chocolate gold bar palette. The Sigma Creme de Couture was holiday but I have
seen it on a few legit websites a couple times. So I’ll link it down below. It
wasn’t available on the Sigma Beauty website anymore, but hopefully they’ll
bring it back as year-round collection because this palette…you probably saw it
in my ultraviolet tutorial…but this palette is amazing! My eyelids are
already prepped with the Urban Decay All Nighter concealer. I’m gonna go in with
my super fluffy brush from Wet n Wild dip it into rolling dough and just cover
the lids to set everything and help with transition. Next I’m gonna take my
blending brush from bareMinerals and dip it right into cherry blossom and I’m
gonna start blending out my transition shades. Now I’m gonna dip right into lavender
honey and put it right on my crease because it’s kind of like a purpley pink
shade. It’s very pretty. What I love about this palette is it’s
like very very buildable. Really easy to build up color. Really pretty but it’s a
pastel palette. So it’s not gonna be like boom in your face pigment, right away.
It’s the most pigmented pastel palette I’ve ever used but it’s very blendable.
And buildable, which is very nice because you can definitely customize it
as a much color payoff that you want to have. So that’s why I’m digging this
palette. While we’re on that shade…I’m going to take this little flat brush and
dip it also into lavender honey and bring it on the corners. And since my
base is already done I’m gonna go ahead and start with the lower lash line too.
Usually I would save this for last if I haven’t done my foundation, but since
we’re on those colors…I’m gonna take that same somewhat fluffy rounded brush
and just to the edges of the lower lash line leaving the middle space, we’re
gonna leave blank. For now…until we throw a bunch of glitter on it! I’m gonna take
this little side fluffy brush and blend that out. I wanna take my Sigma e25 brush
and let’s dip it into red berry Rose. I know you’ve been wanting me to throw
that on my lid. I know! It’s hot hot hot pink! Going right into the crease. Let’s
build up that color baby! So vibrant and gorgeous! And then bring
it right down onto those sides to blend. What I like about the e25 brush is it has,
like, it’s flat but flipping so you can blend it into the crease and then gently
in like an oval shape blend it up and out. To create that blend! Take that
little pointed brush again and do the underneath but get it closer to the lash
line on that one. To make sure your corners are starting to blend together.
And then back to that little round one and dip it into red berry rose again. And
do the corners. We’re getting pink up in here! Take that fluffy brush and just
make sure it’s all blended out. Dip right into rolling in dough and pop it right
underneath the brows to create that matte highlight. And right…right here! Now I’m going to deep up…deepen up the crease a smidge bit! And I’m gonna go in with this
a really really pointy brush. I’m gonna dip it right into cafe au latte and red
berry rose and just blend it. Deepen up the edges. You see the difference of the two sides?
So that gives a little more depth when you put that deeper shade in there. This
is cool but it doesn’t have any depth. It’s kind of like flat. That’s why I like to
deepen it up! *Windshield wiper, Windshield wiper.* I’m taking a tiny
bit of the cocoa truffle and decadent mix together and I’m going to just
deepen up the corners a little bit. Now I’m gonna dip into the new money
shade and dripping in diamonds. Kind of mix it into like a pinky silver. I’m
gonna plop it right into the center of my lid like this. Blending and kind of
creating a roundish triangle shape and then doing the same thing for the bottom
lashline. And that is gonna just be the base for our real glitter. So I’m gonna
do a little winged eye with my Tarte clay pot in black. So, however you prefer to
line your top lid, you can go ahead and do that. I’m gonna do a winged
liner, but you don’t have to. Alright, now I’m going to go ahead and take just
a black pencil liner and then my NYX faux whites. So first I’m gonna take the
black pencil liner and go right on my lower lash line, but just just on the
corners leaving that little white space. And then right on the upper lash line as
well. And then taking that NYX faux white, pop it right in the middle. And this is
the lavender faux white, but you can use the pink one or whatever. Now it’s time
for GLITTER! So first I’m gonna take Peachy Sheen
from the Stila glitter and glows. And I’m gonna gently place it right…right there. Kinda create like that moon halo in the crease. And pat it out. Create a blend. You can do this before
your liner or after, whatever. But sometimes it’s hard for the liner to go
over the glitter if you wait till after. But sometimes it’s hard to go around it.
So whatever your preference. And then take that for the lower lash line too.
Avoiding your eyeball! Take my pinky under and pat it out. Now if this is enough
glitter for you, feel free to stop. But it ain’t for me! So I’m gonna go in with
diamond dust from Stila glitter and glows and pack some more on there. Same
area. Now you want to make sure that pink blends are really really well. So I’m
gonna take the new money glitter with like a flat fluffy brush and just soften
up the edges, just a smidge bit. So everything blends in well like that. Just
a tiny touch. Alright, let’s go ahead and do my mascara. And I’m gonna pop on my Ardell magnetic lashes because I have been obsessed with these. If you’re
wondering if I’m still using them, yes I am! And I freaking love them. So if you
haven’t seen my video on them yet I’ll pop it up right here. But check them out
because you guys they’re amazing! Alright you guys, there is the eye look all
complete! Oh feeling sassy! Went ahead and through the Stila stay all day Baci on
my lips cuz that is my fav babe. I love it and I actually need a new tube because
I’m like scraping the side. If you guys want to see more in this Mean Girls and
makeup inspired series go ahead and comment down below with which character
you want to see an inspired look from next! And don’t forget to subscribe so you get
notified as soon as I post that! Thank you guys so much for sitting down and
watching this with me. And let me know if you’re gonna recreate it! Thank you so
much! Have a great lovely day!


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