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What is up guys last night, I went on a date with my husband and some friends And I wore this look and I absolutely had to recreate it. I loved it so much I felt so pretty and so glamorous if you guys are into beauty make sure that you subscribe and you hit that notification bell So that you don’t miss anything and let’s get started Oh, ah so the little dots that you can see at the top of my forehead Yeah, I’m wearing lace front and I had no interest today and trying to blend it in so you’re welcome Starting off by laying down a base, and this is the l7 concealer from Kat Von D The Lockett concealer, and then I’m gonna go ahead and blend it out with a real techniques sponge And this is just going to make sure that everything has an even color for my eyeshadows I then set that by using my RC ma. No color powder and a big fluffy brush so that everything will blend seamlessly Using creme brulee from makeup geek as my transition shade I’m going to I can never say that Transition shade I’m going to take that on a fluffy brush and put that actually above my crease I have hooded eyes So this is going to give me the appearance of more elongated and bigger eyes by stretching it out past my lashline Flicking it up at the end of my brow and bringing the color above the crease of my eye now I’m going in to Burkina from the Jiu vias place masquerade palette And I’m gonna take this on a more dense brush and kind of pack it into my new crease and that’s what’s going to give Me the gradient from lighter to darker and make sure that everything is just Blown out and seamless and just make sure that everything is blended, and there’s no hard lines Now going into Burkina and doing the same thing packing this into the crease and flicking it up at the edge Everything is going to start to get deeper and deeper once you get to the crease Going in with an oldie but a goodie creep I’m going in with bitten from makeup geek on Again a smaller brush and just following the same pattern putting it deeper into the crease and flicking it up at the edge I want this to have a nice healthy like maroon red glow Going into this shade in the morphe 35o matte palette. Just following the same steps I know it seems like a lot of eyeshadows, and it is it is a little excessive But the thing is is I really wanted to have a blended out look I didn’t want any harsh lines I just wanted it to be soft and glamorous and glowing You guys I am going in with the Stila Magnificent metals glitter and glow liquid eye shadow and this is in the shade rose gold retro, and it is It is probably the most beautiful thing I have ever seen I do have to say that I hate this applicator although I don’t have any other suggestions on how it could be better I just didn’t particularly care for it this stuff dries immediately, and it like doesn’t come off the eye it was Unbelievable they are about $24 and they are worth Every penny I’m bringing that to the front inner corner And then I am bringing it up above the crease and then I’m going in with bitten and a smaller brush And I’m blending that out at the back and then taking an even smaller brush I’m taking bitten and going over in the front, and then I’m going back to my original blending brush and I’m bringing that in the front with creme boo I Can’t even talk with creme brulee just to make sure everything blends and this liquid Eyeshadow doesn’t give me any harsh lines I’m taking a precision brush and the shade daheia From the masquerade palette and just putting in that into the high points of my brow bone for a brow bone highlight Going back to another oldie but goodie I’m taking the Maybelline gel pod in the shade blackest black and a Mac 212 brush, and I’m just building a very fat winged eyeliner I’m gonna do the rest of my face makeup and my eyebrows off camera And then I’m going to start prepping for lashes. You can see my wig lifting because I didn’t glue it down I’m gonna prep for fake lashes, and then I’m gonna start working on the underneath of my eye, and the lash line I’m gonna start by taking a big fluffy brush and creme brule and taking that into the lash line to give it a transition shade just like we do on the top so that it’ll blend seamlessly then I’m gonna go back into this tan shade with a Smaller brush and put that into the lash line. I am NOT dragging this all the way to the inner corner I am just taking it to where the lashes start And then I’m going back into bitten with an even smaller brush and doing the same thing taking that into the lash line These lashes are from Koko lashes, and they are in the style Stella They are who they are long and spiky, and I love them, but they are a little Big I’m taking this Lord and berry black eyeliner and putting that into my waterline And then I’m spreading it into the lashes And then what I’m going to do is take bitten again on a smaller brush and just kind of smudge it out So it’s not just a stark line of black, and then I’m putting mascara on my lower lash line, and this is the L’Oreal paradise Mascara, I’ll have to link it in the bottom bar down below But this is my favorite because it doesn’t flake off then I’m going in with the shade tawny And this is a lip liner from Jordana, and I’m just lining my lips And I’m using pops explosive, and it is a NYX butter cream lipstick to fill in the rest of my lips I really love this lipstick I really do I would like to get some more colors, but this is like my favorite color, and it doesn’t move anywhere and it’s creamy and it’s moisturizing and I can’t say enough good things about it to clean up the outer corner on my lips I’m just taking a little bit of foundation and covering that up I like to use foundation not concealer because I feel like concealer gives you like too Much brightness by the outside of your mouth, and it looks weird and that’s the finished look I hope you guys enjoyed this video if you did, please give it a big thumbs up Don’t forget to subscribe and share it with the world so we can achieve world domination and if you like all things beauty and baby, then you should stay here because we have a lot of fun and I will see you next time


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