Pink Eye: Is it Contagious? Symptoms & Causes | Nurse Stefan

Pink eye… we’ve all seen it… or heard
of it… or had it ourselves…. Ya know you got that one eye you leave closed
for too long and it gets all crusty and stays stuck? like when you go to sleep and you got that
one eye when you wake up that just won’t open which is pretty much me every morning. but my eyes ain’t all red nor do they have
discharge coming out of them like pink eye does so I may go to work with one New Balance on one
foot and one dress shoe on the other… I don’t have pink eye… I’m just gettin’ ahead of the trends… what you don’t wanna get a head of, is a
head, with one or two eyeballs all reddened with goop dripping out of them… Pink Eye is what we call Conjunctivitis. “ITIS” meaning inflammation… and conjunctiva
is that thin membrane that’s on the inside of your eye lids and on the whites of your
eyeballs That gets inflamed. Conjunctiv-itis… That’s how they word it, K? inflammation of the that membrane Are ya following me now? Good. Now that membrane can get inflamed for many
reasons, but when we’re talking about pink eye we’re usually referring to the viral or bacterial
form of conjunctivitis but that’s not always the case, the word
conjunctivitis also covers anything that ticks off that membrane in your eye and that could be allergies to a dog or cat,
or pollen or mold or any sort of allergen your eyes ain’t
buddies with or say you got an eyelash caught in there
and that membrane gets all inflamed right that’s technically conjunctivitis but let’s stick to the ones were concerned
about the highly contagious viral and bacterial pink eye. Now they’re probably gonna have a lot of similarities
but we’ll start with viral cause it’s the most common So, how are you or your kid getting pink eye? Easy. Someone with pink eye, touches their pink
eye, they put their pink eye on the door knob or a computer mouse
you open up the pink eyed the door knob or use the pink eye’d computer mouse
picking up their pink eye, and touching your eye making it pink doesn’t stop there though, someone with
pink eye if they use a washcloth, towel, eye mask,
pillow case if whoever had that first had pink eye
you could look forward to up to three weeks with this reddened peeper
that’s got mucus or water draining out of it and feels like ya got a piece of broken
glass up in there or something Uh uh… no bueno. But the good news is the worst of it’ is around 3 to 5 days, then the symptoms usually start to taper off So, to ease your discomfort you can pick
up some OTC.. or over the counter.. I just say OT– we all say OTC it’s just
I don’t know It’s little more gangster… OTC!!! nothin. anyway without a prescription you can go and
get these eye drops that have decongestants and antihistamines there to help with the
annoyance of the little bugger It should say somewhere on the box to only
pop it in the pink one… So what’s the cure for viral pink eye? Simple
Antibioooooooo— almost had ya! Viral conjunctivitis as the name implies is
caused by a virus which again, antibiotics cannot and will not treat, they refuse to
dagnammit Save those antibiotics for bacterial conjunctivitis
which is also super contagious… and goes around like crazy to your family and your friends
or your worst enemy you happen to see at the supermarket and wanna shake hands with that day The discharge from bacterial pink eye is probably
gonna look a little more infection-y ya know thicker, yellowish-greenish drainage
that just doesn’t stop comin ok so let’s get on top of this So, what’s the treatment for bacterial pink
eye? You got it, antibiotics… ok were 50/50 ok
well be sitting for the MCATS in no time Now they will give you some drops for discomfort
or you can use like a cool or warm compress, whichever feels better on your eye Also, antibiotic drops or ointment that you
put in your eye for roughly about a week, ya put a strip right under your lower eye
lid, ok right around the eyeball now if it’s not a line curved exactly with
the eyeball don’t break out the protractor, ok you’ll do more damage than good I promise usually blinking will get it around enough
to be effective. but if it ain’t gettin better after a day
or two, you might wanna go see the doctor, maybe an ophthalmologist, but consult with
your primary care provider Special note for people with contact lenses
you should probably do that anyway to rule out any other serious conditions that can
occur beyond conjunctivitis like a deeper infection in the eye now if you’ve ever had pink eye, like myself
it’s a pain, so the name of the game is prevention, and how do we do that? It’s all on you boo-boo
You can’t expect a 4-year-old to be practicing proper hand hygiene when half the adults think that
2 seconds of water spritzer and a paper towel does the trick…
it don’t. it won’t. Ya need to practice good hand hygiene in your
everyday life, alright? and that means washing your hands frequently
and using a paper towel to shut off the faucet and open up the bathroom door because you
can’t rely on the rest of the world to keep it germ free, capiche? Now if you got pink eye, you can help out
by 1) not touching your eye 2) washing your hands thoroughly immediately
after you do and continuously throughout the day and 3) stayin the pluck away from everyone else for a while So now you’re like “Yo Stef! I got pink eye but I gotta go to work work
work work work work and my kids gotta go to school, what do I
do?!” I don’t know what that was… Leave that out
That that whole bit out, just leave it, tell Laura to take it out
That’s crazy what ya should probably do is call up and
talk to them about their policy about returning to work or school..
some places just don’t want you to have anything discharging from the eye some just want to know that you’ve had one
or two days’ worth of the abx ABX!!! nah nothin. antibiotics. antibiotics is what I was getting at. In my experience, usually once you stop drippin
from your eyeballs places will dismiss you from quarantine,
and you can drop your little ones off and go back to your second home I know you
missed so dearly That’s it for me right now. I’m dealing with a little laryngitis, which
we’ll talk about in an upcoming segment, so stick around with me. I’m here, for you. Yah down with OTC??? Ya you know me!! Ya down with OT—nope, nope
Not gonna do it. Scrap it. Scrap the whole thing. K? Tell Laura to take it out I don’t see it
before it goes out. Please. Tell her to take it out. …stupid…

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