Phoenix of the Sea

There was a great big ocean that never ended on a planet that wasn’t earth. It was a much better place. the waters were deep and home to many different creatures, and some humans. Humans weren’t from this world, and when they entered, they were given a curse unique to themselves. the world was so big, you could swim for years and find no one. Meeting someone was rare, and when you did meet someone, you stayed a while. Spoke, chatted, told stories. One day, a man (human) in a boat who had not spoken to anyone in years looked over the hull of his tiny boat and saw a strange shape in the water. the shape came to the side of the boat. It was a beautiful mermaid with green eyes, and pale skin. She had lots of interesting stories to tell indeed. Immediately, they liked each other. The two talked for some time. They talked for days, and weeks. The weather changed, but it didn’t matter. They were so happy together they forgot to eat at times. Each others company was all they needed. The two fell in love, and she swam alongside his boat, as the wind took it where it would. There was no rudder or steering wheel in the man’s boat. The wind took them past islands, and rocks, and shipwrecks, and giant sea monsters with bulging eyes and cavernous mouths. One day, a strange wind blew, and the man became sick. It was his curse, and though he did not remember it, he had succumb to it many times before. He felt cold. His skin became clear, and he stopped talking to the mermaid. Magic can be wonderful. It can also be sad. But even so, for a while at least, the mermaid stayed by his side as the water became colder and colder. You can’t kill love overnight, after all. “I remember now,” he said. “I’m doomed.” “I forgot that I was doomed.” She looked at him for a while. Kissed him, and turned slowly in the water that connected everything. She swam far, far away, broken hearted. It became cold, and in the freezing brine, the glass man broke the way glass breaks; Into thousands of sharp, tiny, hateful pieces. The original man was unrecognizable. Gone. That’s just the way things go. A chance meeting, a mermaid, and a glass man who was always breaking, but never remembered it. One day, long from then, the pieces would wash ashore, and from them, the glass man would reassemble himself – The Phoenix of the Sea – and sail once again, a new man, broken and mended over and over. And though the two never saw each other, nor spoke to each other ever again; They would still see each other in dreams, like old friends from a past life, a happy memory drifting by, saying hello, and being carried off again. In the water that connected everything. The waves keep coming. The music never ends, it only changes.

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