People Try A Drunk Driving Simulator

– Which cone am I going through? (whooshing and squeaking) – I’m the lead facilitator for Ford’s Driving
Skills for Life program. (mellow music) It’s not like traditional Driver’s Ed. This is more a process
of making teens aware of the repercussions of
certain actions on the road. It uses a series of weights. Then there are restrictive areas on the elbows and on the knees. – All right, so, I have a confession. I’ve never been drunk before. – [Mike] And both suits
also have some type of muffling system for the ears. – This is what it’s like to be drunk? – [Mike] Oh yeah. There’s also a set of
goggles that they wear that throw off the visual part. – Oh, okay. – Oh man. These goggles really (bleeps) you up. – I feel a little inebriated. – Whoa! You look way more attractive. – Yeah. – It’s right there. – I see two of ’em. – I got this. – Am I on it? – Where is it? – Gotta put in a lot of effort
just to stay on this line. – Why do people get drunk? Uh-oh, where’s my nose? (laughing) (bleeps) – Suit really wasn’t
designed to be driven with. Instead what we do is we just
have them wear the goggles. – Wow, oh, this is gonna be crazy. – [Mike] I know. – Yeah, I don’t know. I think I’m gonna crash. (laughs) – Well, the cones have turned
into blurry orange blobs. So, I really don’t know
how this is gonna go. – Drunk-mode Stephen activated. Whoa. – Oh, dang. (laughs) – [Mike] All right, where are you driving? – I already killed a cone, didn’t I? – [Mike] Turn, turn. – Oh my God, I can’t see, either. – Yeah, there’s another, great. – Uh-oh. I refuse to go further! I don’t want to hit those innocent cones. – I have to lean forward. I don’t know if that’s
really helping my driving. – Uh, I really can’t see. – [Mike] Keep going. It’s all right. – Ah! Ah! – I feel like I want to throw up. – [Mike] Yeah. – [Voiceover] How was that? – That was intense. I can’t believe that
people drive like this. I would never want to operate a vehicle feeling the way I feel right now. – But the fact that
people drive like that, with that little perception of their outside world, is terrifying. – It’s terrifying, and
I’m in a tiny parking lot in a controlled environment. People get drunk, and they
don’t feel inhibited like that. They don’t feel that fear, so they’re not even being as cautious. – It’s sad because, like, it’s your fault but other
people could get hurt, too. – There’s nothing I hate
more than drunk drivers. Because there’s so much, you can get an Uber. You could walk, you ask a friend. Just plan your night ahead. You want to have a good
time, go have a good time. Just plan your night. (whooshing and squeaking)


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