Patient Testimonial – Melvin Higgins – Cataract Surgery with Standard Implant

Every Wednesday night I would go to
church to midweek service and then i noticed I couldn’t drive and one night I
was driving going to church and I went up on the curb and so I say some got to
be done. I could not see that even the lights coming from other cars was
shining in my face I couldn’t see. I said it’s too dangerous. So I went to
Dr. Lewis. He examined my eyes said you need cataract surgery. Dr. Lewis would tell me we go send you
to Dr. Shelby. He’s going to do the surgery. and said oh he’s a nice person. We
went in there and he talked you right through everything. Before he do anything
to you he’ll tell you exactly what I’m gonna do, the effect of it and oh and
that’s what I like about him. You know you tell me so I can expect something if
it’s gonna happen. He explained everything. It was just like I said
everything was fine. Staff is just too nice. Every time we go in there. They always got a smile. They always speak in and everything and they
explain everything to you both Dr. Lewis and Dr. Shelby. They explain everything.
What they going to do and how they are going to do it. What you have to do. The day of my
surgery it was painless and all and it was so quick. I thought I was getting
ready to go and they said oh we’re through. After that and you know no
problems at all. I started with a high level reading glasses but now it’s down
to the lowest level. I love to read all the time. Now it’s fine.
I say age don’t matter where you could see like a young person.
I really really tell anyone if they got cataracts it’s something like
that can’t see go to Dr. Lewis. He’ll set you up, tell you everything so you won’t be afraid , set your mind at ease.

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