Patient Testimonial – Martha Cooper – Cataract Surgery with Intraocular Lens

I had no indication of any impairment
whatsoever in my vision prior to the surgery. It was my optometrist Dr.
Stephen Lewis who told me that he saw the beginnings of cataracts and he would
just be watching them. I still never had any indication but there came a time
when he said they were ready for surgery. We proceeded. I had one one week and
one the next week and after both eyes were done it was amazing how the
colors were so vivid. I noticed lots of fingerprints on the doors in the
house that I had never seen before. The newspaper and books I was able to hold
at a normal distance. My daughter drove me to and from the surgery. I had to fast
the morning of the surgery. I don’t recall waiting very long at all before
the attendants were ready to proceed with me. They put drops in my eyes and
the next thing I knew it was over. If someone were to ask me about whether or
not to have the cataract surgery if they had a choice I would urge them to go
ahead with it. It was certainly painless No pain whatsoever. Dr. Shelby
certainly explained clearly what he was going to do and what I should expect. The staff were all very helpful, very accommodating wanting to assure me that I was free to call and that the procedure had gone exactly as planned.
I should have no problems. I left fully confident that
was a success and that I wouldn’t have any problems and I didn’t.

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