Patient Testimonial – John Leopard – Laser Cataract Surgery with Monofocal Lens

I’ve been seeing Dr. Lewis for years. I
was in Contacts and glasses. I’ve noticed yellowing and dimness and blurriness in
my eyes. I went to see him for a check-up and he said you have cataracts. He
explained to me a a technique called LenSx. He said they’ve had great
results with it. As everybody depends on their eyes, I wanted to have the best
that I could afford. I opted for the LenSx laser surgery and dr.
Chris Shelby saw me for that. Got to the Willis-Knighton Eyey Institute
early in the morning. They prepped me. I went into the
procedure room and the procedure didn’t take but about 10 minutes. After that I
wore an eye patch on one eye. The next week I had the other eye done.
Same thing easy as it could be. No pain whatsoever. No discomfort to speak of and
today my vision is much better. I’ve worn glasses since I was in the fifth grade.
It was quite an odd thing to wake up in the morning and not reach to my
bed stand and reach from my glasses. It took me several weeks not to do that
I am glad to have had that done. Dr. Lewis and Dr. Shelby are great
doctors. Their staffs are wonderful and I recommend to anyone that needs cataract surgery.

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