Patient Testimonial – Grady Johnson – Laser Cataract Surgery with Multifocal Lens Implant

I tried to drive at night. I found out
that I could not do that because i couldn’t see. I went to see Dr. Lewis
at the Institute on Greenwood Road and he told me I had cataracts. He sent me to
doctor Shelby and Dr. Shelby did the surgery on my eye and they did one
at a time. Before I had the surgery my vision was
very bad. I had to wear glasses. Now I do not have to wear glasses The surgery that I had on my eyes it was
painless. It was fast and take very long. If I had to make their decision over
again I definitely would not hesitate because it helped me out wonderful. I was
able to see much better. That was the whole idea of having the surgery was so I would be able to see better and I was able to do just that. The staff of there was magnificent. They
were very courteous, thoughtful and they were very helpful in explaining this
procedure that I would be experiencing. If someone was to come to me and ask me would I recommend having this surgery, I would definitely say yes. It have helped
me tremendously. Without it I wouldn’t have been able to drive at night.

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