Patient Experience Premium Lens Implant for Cataract

It was recommended by a good friend of mine.
About imperial healthcare and Doctor Vinod’s business specifically, as she had surgery
done a few years ago by him , She’s really pleased by the result. And what was the procedure
that you went through? I came in unsure whether it was SuperLASIK or ICL. After the assessment,
Doctor Vinod recommended that ICL was the right solution for me , for my age and for
the vision problems that I had. So, this is basically an implantable lens into the eye.
How did I feel about it? A bit freaked out about the thought of someone implanting a
lens and cutting into my eye. But, the experience was amazing, it was pretty freaky. I just
had the surgery yesterday . Read without glasses for the first time in thirteen years, this
morning. Even the fine print on the bottles of my eye drops. So really pleased. I’m only
fifty percent done, I can’t wait for the second eye. No pain. Just, as I said it was just
a little bit freaky just because the thought , more the psychological. But, unbelievable!
I’m over the moon. I can’t recommend it enough. In fact, I’ve got business cards for all my
friends already. I couldn’t recommend it enough. Wonderful. Where are you from? Canada. Do
you live in Dubai? yeah, I live in Dubai now yeah , for about three years. I’m sorry I
didn’t do this three years ago when I first got here. Something that know I did regret.
Thank you. Thankyou.

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