Parts of Human Eye : Eye Lens (GA_JHE04A)

the next part of human eye is the eye lens.
for eye lens here we can write eye lens. is just behind the iris. when through pupil light
rays enters first these light rays fall. on the eye lens through which after passing the
eye lens light rays produces image. for eye lens we can write. this is a crystalline lens.
composed of. fibrous jelly like material. and the lens is held by, some muscles called
ciliary muscles. here you can see this is the picture of human eye in which, we zoom
into the eye this is the eye lens, and we can see. it is held. at the edges. by ciliary
muscles. and these muscles. can modify. the curvature. and thickness of the lens. it depends
where the object is placed it can change the shape of lens by relaxing or straining. and,
about the lens we can also write 1 important fact that, the eye lens we are talking about
is hard. at middle. and soft. at the edges. these are some fundamental facts about eye

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