Parts of Human Eye : Cornea (JHE02A)

now start our discussion with, the parts of
human eye and very first part of human eye we’ll study is cornea. about cornea we can
write it is a small portion. in front of. eye ball. which is, bulged. and it is covered.
by a transparent. protective, layer. and this layer is called. cornea. here you can see
in this. eye, this is a picture of, internal structure of eye. and here you can see the
front portion of this eye is slightly bulged, through which actually light enters and. in
this bulged part there is a protective layer in front of it and this transparent protective
layer we call cornea. and we can also write that light. enters in eye. only through cornea.
and remaining. white membrane. is opaque. and it is called. sclera.

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