One Week After Eye Surgery

– Back at the hospital again today for two appointments for Livia. The first one is to get her fitted for a contact lens, which will help her start
seeing from her left eye, that would be awesome. And the second one, appointment, is to make sure the pressure in her eye isn’t growing because that could lead to
needing glaucoma surgery. (bright music) This is where we sit. We’re getting ready for the doctor. Moving over. You see how she got some numbing drops in her left eye there so she can sleep. Oh, yeah, you a little happy about that? (laughs) That way they can check the pressure, they put this thing in her eye and it bounces off of
her eyeball a few times and it checks the pressure. (upbeat music) You’re so cute! Just laying here in my arms, smiling. How are you feeling today? – I’m all right. – Okay. – I got rest last night, but I still need more. – And all these appointments
are wearing on me. – Mommy needs rest. You seem to get plenty of rest. How do you sleep at places like this? Oh here we go. It just opened as soon as we got here. That’s convenient. The good news is that the pressure in her eye
is kind of stabilized. It’s still too high, but the doctor wants to, he’s not gonna do surgery yet, to go in there and fix it. He’s gonna give it another few days with the medications she’s on to hopefully help her
eye pressure go down. So we’ll find out more
next week about that. And we got her fitted
for her contact lens, so now, it might come in
the mail in a few days. She’ll be able to start
putting contact lenses in you left eye and patching over your right eye so your brain starts using that left eye. – Putting the contact in
Livia’s eye and taking it out was easier than I expected. But she cried a lot when I took her contact out first. It was the first thing I did, cuz I already had it in. And so I cried after getting it out from how much she was crying. – I had some practice
putting her contact lens in and out of her eye as well. Once you know how to do it it’s not too hard. It’s just more of like, taking your eye and going like that to it. Which, I don’t think
it phases her anymore. She’s so used to that now from eye drops and lights
being shined in there. You’re quite the trooper. – Well, but she did, like
the entire appointment, she was keeping her eyes closed. – Yeah, I feel like I’m at this place where they poke me a lot. – She was trying to act like I’m sleeping. But then as soon as we were done, she was wide awake. – Our next stop is Target
to get some diapers. And it’s really windy! With everything going on
with our family lately, Dana and I haven’t had time to do like a date night together. – No, I don’t have energy. – So going out to Target
is not that romantic, but it’s something to do together, just the three of us I suppose. (upbeat music) One sure way to get Livia to settle down is to take her out and swing her. She loves motion. Although not necessarily the motion in the
stroller for some reason. The reason why Livia needs a contact lens is because when she had
her surgery last week they took out the natural lens in her eye. And so now we need to patch her right eye and put a contact lens in her left eye so that her brain can start being trained to use her left eye. So a lot of patching, and contact lenses, so woo, you’re ready to go to sleep. You like that. That swinging does a number on you. Show you guys and easier
way to hold the car seat. A lot of people just hold it like this. But it’s actually easier if you wrap your arm in through this way and hold it next to you. And then it doesn’t tire
your arm out nearly as fast. Little tip for ya. I think Dana ended up doing a some emotional food shopping. We got chips, which we never really get. And then apple pie oreos, and more chips. – It’s like we’re already out, we’re going to be passing by Target. I have no clue how many
diapers Olivia has. Let’s get it now so I don’t
have to go out tomorrow. – Diapers is all she wanted, right? – Dana hasn’t really had a big
appetite the past few days. With being so tired, and not feeling well, it’s good that you’re finally– – Yeah, wanting to eat something. All right Livia, we’re taking you home. Let’s go. Today is a good day to have dinner delivered
by a friend of ours. We got green beans, mac and cheese, and ham all given to us. What do you guys, what do you think about dinner? – It’s really good. – Is it good? The twins are always big
fans of macaroni and cheese. Right? Right Carisse? You like your mac and cheese? You’re mac and cheese is all gone. You made dessert for us today? – No, we’re making it still. – How’s your day Hallie? I like your hair. Did you wake up from a nap? Yeah? How’s your day, Toby? – Yucky time. – Yuck what? – Yucky time. – Yucky time. Really the main person who’s
bean working really hard while Dana and I are going to the hospital and
things with Olivia is Grandma. How was Grandma’s day? – Well can you tell by my hair? (laughter) – She’s working really hard
taking care of you kids, isn’t she? – Zeke is giving the twins the dessert which you guys
don’t know what it is yet. It looks really good. You like your fruit salad? Does that look yummy? – It’s been fun to see how Zeke and Hannah have been
getting more into cooking. Dana has been watching Top Chef Jr. on t.v. with them and Zeke especially likes making his own eggs in the morning. He chopped up all the fruit and made his own fruit salad tonight. Yeah, little kid is starting to become quite the little chef. – Chef Zeke – Yeah – [Hannah] It’s fruit
salad that Zeke made. Do you think this going
to taste good, Zeke? Do you think it is? K, is it good? – [Tim] You guys made this
dessert all by yourself? What made you do that? Did Grandma ask you? Or did you just ask? – Nope, all by myself. – What made you want
to make a fruit salad? – I was just having oranges today and I had a good idea
of making a fruit salad. – Oh it is a good idea. Some of you guys have suggested that we make a little
cooking channel for Zeke and maybe we’d do that. – We’ll maybe do some
cooking videos with Zeke on this channel first. – Did you cut up all that fruit yourself? Or Hannah, did you help? You cut up all the fruit? – Yeah, my mom cutted one apple. – It’s really good. You want some? – Yeah can I have some? Can you get me some? Go go go both of you get me some! Go go go go go! With everything going on with Olivia it’s nice to be home and remember that there’s
six other kids in our family who are growing, thriving, doing great. They’re strong kids. They’re teaching themselves skills in the kitchen. They’re having fun playing with Grandma. So there’s like two stories that we come back and forth between, And it’s just kind of
a big roller coaster. – [Zeke] Dad, just eat it. – [Hannah] Is it yummy? Is it good? – [Tim] Just laying Livia
down for a little nap here. She’ starting to yawn. I thought I’d let you guys see her eyes since her eyes are wide open right now. Hi. Here’s the part I don’t like the most is when it looks like she’s looking, but you know she can’t see anything out of this eye. Yeah. It looks normal. It looks like a good eye, though. But in a few days your
contact lens will come in. We’ll put a contact lens in that eye. We’re gonna patch and cover this eye so your brain is forced
to only use that eye. Yeah. And then maybe, hopefully you’ll start seeing us when you do that. Yeah. Love you. Livia has a lot of different
eye drops that she has to get at multiple times throughout the day and I think she’s a trooper. I don’t think it evens phases her anymore. – Well, we’re down one. Last week we had one more
than we do this week. We’re getting fewer. That makes me feel like
I’m forgetting something. – Watch this. – What? You gonna cover up that eye? – She just takes it like it’s nothing. So used to having people poke at me that, you know, what’s a few eye drops? See? Done. Like a champ. No fussing or anything. – [Dana] Open your eyeball. Eyelid. That’s the technical word for it. You can’t open your eyeball. – [Tim] Can’t open your eyeball. The doctor did that surgically. Our family is getting pretty tired of all the doctor appointments and visits. I’m not saying tired of the doctors. – Well that too. Tired of the visits, not tired of the doctors. I appreciate the doctors. – But the trips. It’s wearing us. Dana is extremely tired. Livia is her own kind of tired. – Today was a big day. She went through a lot so she’s been extra sleepy. I don’t blame her. (Laughter) – you bonked your head on them. – Say get it away from me. – We’re excited to see how
things progress with Livia. We’re praying she doesn’t
need to have another surgery. But we’ll let you guys go
on that journey with us as we continue to figure out
how we work and serve and play and everything together as a big family. So thank you guys for being
a part of that story with us and follow along if you haven’t already. And we’ll see you guys on Wednesday. Bye. – Bye

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