Onda V972 Quad Core All Winner A31 2GB Ram Retina Screen iPad Alternative

the onda v972 tablet is in my opinion better than the latest
ipad and i will tell you why i make such a bold statement not only does the onda v972 boast the allwinner a31 quad core
cpu you but it comes with 2gb of ram as standard the tablet is available in a sixteen gb
harddrive or thirty two gb harddrive model there are two cameras the front facing
camera is two point zero megapixels and the rear facing camera a whopping five point zero megapixels with autofocus so far i have not mentioned what really
sets the onda v972 apart and that is the incredible screen quality since apple introduced the ipad 3
we got used to hearing about and seeing what they called the retina screen which basically means
that at normal viewing distance your eye can’t see the pixels on a 9.7 tablet thats something like 230 pixels per inch. Up until the end of last year you could only get this in an ipad. Not anymore. This was the main reason (apart from brand) that the iPad is so expensive. Now you can get the same retina display with the Onda V972 to power the screen there is an eight core
graphics processor with such amazing features onda could
easily pitch this at just twenty five percent off the price of the ipad and win
many new customers but they are not out to rip you off so you can find the Onda V972 16gb model at well under half the price of the ipad – click the link for details four same specs half the price

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