Norman Zaffater, M.D. – Ophthalmology

I was born and raised in Shreveport,
Louisiana in 1966 and went to grade school at St. Joseph’s and then
high school at Loyola and then I got my undergraduate degree at LSU Baton Rouge,
Bachelor of Science in Microbiology, and then I went to medical school at LSU
Medical School in New Orleans and receive my MD in 1993. I came
back home to Shreveport to do my internship and residency in
ophthalmology at LSU Medical Center in Shreveport. I chose my specialty of ophthalmology
towards the end of medical school because it intrigued me how the doctor could
suppose see patients in the office and also performed surgery on
them. You could see all age groups and just the gratification of
improving someone’s vision whether it be from cataract surgery or laser vision
correction or just managing problems like glaucoma or diabetes. The way we treat our patients at the
Zaffater Eye Center is we treat every single person like a VIP. We have
a very high priority when it comes to scheduling and wait times for patients.
We know that patients have much better things that rather be doing than being
at the eye doctor and we take that very seriously . I think that kinda
separates us as a practice in this community. We all have been patients and we’ve all
had medical care one on one form of the other and we tried to use that and
empathize with the patient. Every patient that comes into our office is scared
even if they’re just getting a regular eye exam. If they’re going as far as
getting surgery we try to put ourselves in their position and we have
all been in that position as patients. I myself have been a patient and we try
to use that when we’re preparing patients for certain procedures or just
a regular eye exam. I think it really helps because people know that we know
what they’re going through and we can empathize. When I’m not at work at this eye center, I love to play guitar and actually i’m in a band that plays it
locally in this area, For me it’s a great release. It’s a way to kind of
focus on something other than medicine, in ophthalmology. It kind of uses a
different side of my brain, more creative, artistic side and I think it gives me a
good balance between the two. you

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