Normal Pregnancy Symptoms Or Preeclampsia?; Maryland Medical Malpractice Attorney Explains

Are some of the issues that you are Experiencing during your pregnancy the Result of a normal pregnancy or are they The result of a medical condition called Preeclampsia hello I’m Maryland medical Malpractice attorney Marcus Boston and I Would like to talk with you today about A medical condition during pregnancy called Preeclampsia now you may have heard about This because a recent celebrity just gave Birth and this condition was in the news But the reason why this condition can be Very difficult to diagnose is becuase a lot Of the symptoms mimic those of a normal and Routine pregnancy but preeclampsia is something You really want to get a handle on becuase
it can Be very serious and fatal in some instances
the Mother can experience damage to her liver
kindneys And brain the child can develop issues from
premature Delivery to low birth rate to sill born so
this is a Condition you really want to stay on top of
and you Want to talk with your doctor about it some
of the Symptoms for preeclampsia are high blood pressure Specifically 140/90 high amounts of protein
in your urine If you are suffering from nausea you are having Swelling issues in your hands and your feet
in Addition to that you’re having blurred vision Dizziness and things of that nature vomiting If you are having these issues then you Really want to talk with your doctor now A word about that if you are speaking with Your doctor and it seems your doctor is not Listening to your concerns don’t be afraid
to get A second opnion ladies it’s your body and
you know Your body better than anyone else and on top
of this You are carring a child so you want to make
sure that you are doing everything that you can to protect Yourself and to protect your child in addition
to all Of that also ladies remember that it is your
pregnancy and Not the pregnancy of someone else you cannot
look at someone else’s pregnancy and think that they
may have Had conditions that were of a normal pregnancy
that You may be having the same thing so again
if you think That you need to get a second opinion get
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