Night-Vision – Lyrical Attack (Ft. Izzy L)

I’m back in the game with my back to the
fame and everybody said that i’m back and insane I’m dropping these lyrics like a
spark in the flame and you really think that my demons are tame and stepped a
little close better back away they call me night vision cuz i watch my prey my
bars so sick they get up in your mental when I step to the mic they call me
devil I don’t really care cuz I’m never gentle put them all to sleep like I’m on
the pedal watch what you say when you battle me cuz if you say the wrong thing
you’ll never sleep one two three put them down put them deep in the under ground bout to
make money with the skills i found but the funny thing is no one’s talking now
they don’t really talk when I put them on the raps they all get scared when I put
them in the back and no one’s gonna throw and I know it for a fact and now that I
rap they all want a track wait let me catch my breath they all want to know
what’s coming next made it off the chain but I never flex when i spit these raps there
is no rest when I spit it good I am the best and im bout to pass like i took a test when
you spit your rhymes you make a mess and I spit it fast and i spit it clean bout to chop you
up like a guillotine i’m really nice but I was feeling mean I chase you down to the
end of time and I’m about to go and spit the fastest rhyme my boy bout to go spitting with the wicked flow we all about to know putting on the wicked show
busting out the rhymes like a fully automatic bout to hit you up kick you up
put you in the Attic no one even likes you like a TV with the static put you on
a curse then I hit you with this verse i’ma kill em all back when I put them in the
hearse and when i’m done spitting you might need a nurse I’m done playing
games i’m serious to death look you in the eyes while you take your last breath
i’mma hit you in the head and i drag you through the woods put up some dirt then I burry
you for good I’m putting off these raps and I go when I check it I’m swearing to God
that I won’t be bested i bet you went to check that I really am a monster my lyrics like a ghost it will come back and haunt you hit him up looking for a feature wipe them
off like dirt on a new sneaker when i come through bodies banging loud through the speakers
when I spit everybody crazy if they on the bleachers they look at my eyes like I am
evil but I’m just stellar within my retrieval fly high in philly like i am the
eagles and me and night vision might have to drop the sequal hottest white boy that
you’ve ever seen why intervene in something that is not a dream might overdose on these bars
as a dope feind me and my boys combine as a new team and a new thing hit the
faded like I’m Jordan listen to sheame but the bordom but that’s what they do and
that’s what they prove when I say I can rap they believe me too now you sick like you just
caught the flu look at these lyrical moves yeah I’m gonna use a pencil
to kill these instrumentals relieve stress to get off my mental looking portrayed as if on rental
yeah but they be hanging out lately and they might hate me but after this is they gonna
respect me like they is crazy ask for help they couldn’t embellish now everybody
staring looking mad jealous seems like hell on earth is to hellish like what you doing
I’m saying dropping hits that are so fluent and they always talk and they
always booing but now when they listen they always drewing now leave the game just call me
putin look look this what I do don’t boo just show me what you’re gonna do
never gonna stop seeing the heat is to invincible now complaining it to the rap
principal more then intellectual gotta show love that shows are affectional leaving
your spirit called spiritual now reading my lyrics if it’s on a manual now
I feel so sensational and look at rappers that are inspirational you’ll
hate to know and that’s how it go if you don’t believe me let me show you in
slow mo let me everybody ride around in the black rodeo called me a legend
go to the church talking to the reverend and my confession not to give
you a sample for like is from heaven gone

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