New MacBook Pro 2015, 13″ Retina : Unboxing and Review, 맥북 프로 레티나 오픈

hello I will unbox this Mac Book Pro Retina Display in Korea. nice to meet you everyone~ I bought this from other person instead of buying Mart this is unopend product i will cut the prastic paper with this knife I hope this product is good. I wonder this is 2015 or not. Actually, I bought 2010, 13, Mac book air 2years ago after that, I bought some and sell. Finally, I decided to buy Retina display. This is Hello paper..I didn’t open it. Now, I will open it. I won’t spend any time to search a Mac, anymore. It’s hard to open good wrap. power button. (wing~) It has forth touch. that is good to use and second feeling to touch. There is no bad thing in this mac, so far. I will login later I want to check this Mac. Jay pro I have to write secret number. (location setting) Now it opened. 2015. retina 13 8gb Very good Check bad screen..but no bad.. This is my video. Please subscribe ^^ Have a nice Apple life.

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