New Device Detects Eye Disease with Just a Photo?

Our next advance is an artificial intelligence device that diagnoses eye disease without an eye doctor. I don’t know if this is a good one. Is this gonna put you out of a job there, Brian? Not me.
Okay. (audience laughs)
You’re okay. How’s it work, tell us. Okay so the IDX DR is a very revolutionary device because it can detect a type of eye disease called Diabetic Retinopathy just by looking at photos of the retina. And so a clinical trial recently found that it was able to successfully diagnose the disease 87% of the time, automatically. So it’s FDA approved, and I think where this will have a huge impact is in the offices of primary care doctors.
Absolutely. Because they’re on the front lines, right, seeing people with Diabetes and managing them. And this is a very scary statistic, that 50% of people that have Diabetes never go in for their annual eye exam. Fully believe that. Fully believe that. So having this device in primary care doctor offices, as a screening tool, is, I think, very powerful, and can pick up that 50% who never make it there. And we know that Diabetic Retinopathy is a big part of that Diabetes process, so the quicker you pick up that diagnosis, then refer it to an expert that can do something about it. Absolutely. I love this because rural America, it’s so hard to get to an eye specialist. In a big city, in L.A., you’re gonna find an eye doctor. But, the whole, the flyover states, I’m from Montana, there’s just not many eye doctors out there, and if you gotta drive 150 miles to get to an eye doctor, the odds of you going are a lot lower. I agree.
So I love it. That’s why I love this device, too, I think it’s great. Dr. Brian and I work in the same building, and we have plenty of eye doctors, don’t we Brian? (laughing)

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