Near Point and Far Point of Human Eye (GA_JHE11A)

let us now study about near point and far
point of human eye. and the basic introduction about near point and far point we have studied
in the previous section only. near point we can write, it is the point. or it is the closest
point. from eye. up to which. it can see an object. clearly. or we can say it is a closest
point from human eye up to which when object is placed. a clear image of this object is
produce on retina which can be seen. and for a normal eye. it is approximately, equal to.
25 centimeter which is slightly varies with. person to person. and this is the distance,
which we also call least distance of distinct vision as we have discussed in the previous
section. and, similarly we can also define far point of a human eye. and we can write
it is, the farthest point. up to which. eye can. clearly see. the maximum distance up
to which an object can be placed which can be seen by eye. and, again for a normal eye,
normal eye means we are talking about eye. of a healthy person. for a normal healthy
eye. its far point is. infinity that means a normal eye can see, an object even if it
is placed at infinity. and 1 more point here we can discuss about human eye the range of
vision. it can be written as it is the distance. over which. eye can see clearly. so ideally
it should be the distance between near point and far point of the eye. but practically,
we can not see an object which is placed at infinity due to very small in, angular size.
so we require optical instruments to magnify the image for, distant objects with there
clear details. but ideally we can say the range of vision is a distance between near
point and far point of human eye.

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