My Doctor Says I’m Crazy And Wants To Prescribe Me Antidepressants

Greetings. Eric Bakker, the naturopath from New Zealand. How are you all going out there? You having a good summertime in the Northern
Hemisphere? Because we’ve got winter down here, and I
love it. We’ve had it too hot last summer, and it’s
not to get a bit of cold. Now, what are you going to do if you go to
the doctor and you’ve got a problem, and you know you’ve got a problem, but the doctor
thinks you’re crazy? The doctor thinks you need antidepressants
because it’s all in your head. It’s not in your gut, it’s all in your head. This is an all too common scenario I’ve heard
from hundreds, if not over a thousand or more patients over the years. This is what happened to me when I was in
my 20s. I was told I was a nut job. I needed psychiatric help. I was told only women get Candida. It’s not a men’s problem. So I quickly started to realize that the doctor
had a mental health problem, not me. I thought, “I can’t talk to this guy. He’s a dummy.” Then I realized I had to leave the medical
clinic and basically find help myself, try and read books in the library. Because when I was sick, there was no internet,
no Google, nothing like that. I had to really chase things up. So I went to the library and started reading
books. And then, I visited a few naturopaths, and
I found one I could really gel with, a lady that made a lot of sense, actually. Said stuff that wasn’t really completely off
the wall like some people say. And that got me reading in some books on yeast
infection. The book by Dr. William Cook, The Yeast Connection,
I started to read that. And I started to realize that there were a
lot of other people out there that experience the same things that I do, I did at the time. And that gave me confidence in thinking I
wasn’t completely crazy. That all the sensations I was having, all
the weird little muscle tremors and all the crazy feelings of depression and anxiety I
was feeling, and the mind numbing brain fog, and the blurry vision, and all of the things
that the doctor couldn’t see. Nothing could be seen. So of course, if they can’t see it, then you
must be hallucinating. You have to be on drugs or something. The thing is, if you don’t get support from
a medical doctor, that’s fine. Find someone else that you can get support
with. But don’t be angry or pissed at the doctor. There’s no point being like that. Medical people are very good people when it
comes to their training. They’re trained usually for emergency response,
for acute care. They are good at certain types of chronic
disease, but when it comes to functional disorders, when you’ve got a dysfunction of the body,
they’re pretty lousy at those kind of conditions. And many of them will put up their hand and
admit that you may be better off seeing somebody else. So, there’s no point getting upset or angry
with the GP. Just leave the office and thank the doctor
for his or her help, and go and find someone else. You’re best to go really to an integrated
medical doctor. This will be a medical professional who’s
had training in the areas that I’ve been involved in now for decades. Functional and integrated medicine. To be a good practitioner in this field, you
need a solid grasp of medical science. You need to understand about pharmaceutical
medicine. You need to understand about how they treat
people, their paradigm, basically. And then you extend on top of that, and you
get training in various aspects of diet and nutrition, and psychology, and herbal medicine,
aspects like that. And if you’re really keen, you’ll also get
some instructions in structural medicine, so understanding like chiropractors or osteopaths
or acupuncturists do. Most people respond really well when they
see someone who uses a multifactorial approach. Someone who uses several approaches at once,
and will use the most appropriate one for you, the patient, at that point in time. And that could mean more psychological help,
it could mean more structural help, or it could mean biochemical help. And these doctors do exist out there. I’ve seen some on YouTube. There are many good doctors out there that
are keen to help people just like you. But you have to track them down. And you’ll find them often through associations. I’m not sure what country you’re in right
now watching this video, whether you’re in Timbuktu or Iceland, or on Mars or Venus,
or wherever you live, but wherever you are, there will be an institute in your country
of doctors or physicians that have trained in functional integrated medicine. Meaning that they’ve got medical science and
they’ve got a natural approach, and they try and marry them both. This is probably the kind of doctor that you
really want to find. Failing that, you need to find a high level
naturopath, or someone like me who’s just worked as a naturopath for a long, long time,
who’s got a reasonably good skillset that can help you or refer you on to somebody else. But there’s no point getting upset with the
doctor. The doctor will only work in his or her field
at a certain level, and beyond that, it’s beyond their scope. That’s just how it is. So if you want natural treatment, don’t go
to a medical clinic. If you want to buy vegetables, don’t go to
a butcher, because you’re probably not going to get zucchinis and cauliflowers amongst
all the steaks there, if you get my point. Go to the right person. Seek that person out, ask people. Talk to associations. And you’ll soon find somebody that you can
talk to that doesn’t think that you’re stir crazy, that actually really listens. Because what you tell me as a patient is very
important. It’s very important. I’m not going to think about it and think,
“Is this person crazy?” Because I’m not quite sure what you’re going
through. Because I remember what I went through, and
I used to hate the fact to think someone thought I was crazy when I really had this symptom. And that’s the hard part, is when no one listens
to you. But there are people that will listen. You just have to find them. Thanks for the question.


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