My Cataract Surgery | vMix 21

okay what I want to talk about today is
couple things what I’m using to make us video first time is the mix 21 and it’s
probably the most awesome live production video software on the market
I’ve used it for years if you haven’t tried it you need to give it a try
I’ll put a link to it down below there got a 60 day free trial again it’s got
bells and whistles that most people will never use but what I really want to talk
about today is my cataract surgery I had the first in Hulme on my right eye
it wasn’t the laser or the robotic cataract surgery was a normal manual
half if you will cataract surgery but I am so happy I had it done I no longer
have to wear the glasses that I was warned before the Tavor
surgery I can see basic I can see fine I don’t need to use my glasses to drive a
car or most other vision of things I do I can’t no longer see tiny crap okay I
don’t I’m not able to see that of how to use a magnifying glass to see that so
maybe when I get my other eye my left eye done in July maybe that will help
focus nail pile eat you I don’t know but again the cataract surgery I didn’t had
done the first in June as greatly improve my vision and a one-issue ahead
ahead night blindness before and I could not see the dash of my vehicle either is
at night or in a day Helen it was just a dark I couldn’t see it but now I can see
my duck readings on my vehicle farm but again if you’ve been concerned about
having cataract surgery and you’ve got a I say the surgeon I had do mine she was
extra and took about half an hour I was awake during the surgery and but there
wasn’t any pain they actually cut your eye and there’s a lot of chemic a
cataract surgeries on YouTube you can take a look at if you want to before you
have your done to see how they do it or maybe you don’t want to but they catch
your eye and they replace the lens that in your eye because the one that’s in
there that’s cloudy and dark and makes it hard to see but they a place to live
again I couldn’t be happier now with my vision as I’ve had that cataract surgery
done and here if you find a good surgeon I don’t think you’re gonna have any
issues either but that’s basically the big thing I want to talk about and again
I’ll put a link of vmix 21 again that’s what I’m using to make
this video that’s what gives you all the logos and everything on the screen my
title and my Fiji love woofer that’s what I used to burn them into my video
will and record the study I’m recorded in and again it’s a best record for live
production recording video software and my opinion on the market and I got again
those are 60 day free trial so if you’ve ever won to make videos check it out and
they’ve got many instructional videos on how to do different things we mixed her
but it’s got again so many facets to it neck NDI they’ve got ndr in the mobile
burn resources in foreknowledge computers might have you to give it a
check but again the cataract surgery again helped me so much with my vision
as you know I’m so glad I have done again any questions let me know in the
comment though for me here Pelton Indiana to you wherever you are
hope you have a great day this is George price


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