MUDr. Peter Bednarčík, CSc. – The Effects of Biomag 3D Pulse Magnetotherapy on Ophthalmic Disease.

The vasodilatory, healing
and anti-degenerative effects of Biomag
low-frequency pulsed magnetic therapy can be used to
treat eye diseases such as optic nerve atrophy,
glaucoma and nyctalopia. In optic nerve atrophy, the impairment
is caused by previous inflammations, but also by ageing, atherosclerosis and
glaucoma, or ischaemic optic neuropathy. Impaired blood supply and
oxygenation are important factors that lead to the development
of optic nerve atrophy. In these cases, low-frequency pulsed
magnetic therapy and its strong vasodilatory effect on the precapillary
arterioles and capillaries, which improves microcirculation of the
oxygenated blood and the nutrient supply, can be used as a complementary
and maintenance therapy. The increased metabolic
rate and anti-inflammatory effect improve the course
of optic nerve atrophy and have a positive effect on
impaired retinal rod function in patients with night
blindness (nyctalopia). Usually the therapy is applied using a solenoid – to both eyes at the same time. Glaucoma is associated with damage
to the axons of the retinal ganglion cells and visual field defects,
which may even result in blindness. Increased intraocular pressure, reduced
ocular perfusion and the resulting intraocular fluid circulation disorder are
the main factors causing the impairment. Other risk factors include
hypertension, diabetes, genetic predispositions, myopathy,
and vascular diseases. Biomag low-frequency pulsed
magnetic therapy has positive effects due to its
ability to significantly improve microcirculation
in the treated tissues by dilating the precapillary
arterioles and capillaries. Magnetic therapy ensures a
better supply of oxygenated blood and regulates the
orbital blood circulation.

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