MODEL OF EYE – ENGLISH – Wonderful model to understand the working of the eye.

this is a very nice model of an eye. to make
this you need a big plastic ball, PVC pipe, acrylic sheet and a convex lens. now stick
some butter paper on a circular acrylic sheet. this will become the screen on which the image
will be made. now apply some glue on one end of the PVC pipe and stick the acrylic sheet
so that the butter paper, the screen is outside. now cut the ball into two parts, still joined
at the ends. make a big hole to the left and a small hole in the right. apply some rubber
adhesive on the small hole and then stick a 10cm focal length convex lens on the inside
of the ball. now slide the PVC pipe inside the big hole and then close the two halves
of the ball and tape it from the outside with a sticky tape. now the model of the eye is
ready. on the right is the lens and this is the PVC pipe which you can slide inside or
pull out and this is the convex lens which will be turned towards the object. and this
black PVC tube can e pushed in or pulled out. now when you see through the pipe with the
lens towards the object you will see the inverted image. over here you can see a man walking
but he will be upside down. this is how a pinhole camera works. people of course direct
it towards trees and here you can see beautiful scenery. now here is a very simple method
to make a model of the eye.


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