Mik azok a lebegő foltok a szemed előtt?

Do you see sometimes some floating things infront of your eyes? They look like small worms or some blurry spots and whenever you try to take a closer look, they disappear, only to reappear as soon as you shift your glance. Well, you are not alone. [♫ plays music ♫ ] [♫ plays music ♫ ] These weird thing are called “muscae volitantes” in latin, what means “flying flies”, but their most common name is “floaters”, and they are in your eyeball. nevertheless, you don’t have to be frightened, these are not flyies neither other bugs, but the remains of cells and proteins. The vitreous body is located between the lens and the optic nerv, and it’s filled with a jelly-like material this helps to hold the shape of the eyeball. The floater a blurry, because those are located behind the lens, between the lens and the optic nerve. [♫ music ♫ ] The small remains are floating in this fluid and whenever you move your eye the fluid is moving with it. [♫ music ♫ ] We don’t see the proteins themselves we only see their shadow casted on the optic nerve and they also need to be relatively close to the macula so we could detect them. Just like your hands cast shadow on a wall. The closer your hand is to the wall, the sharper the shadow casted on the wall. But what are they doing in your eye? Some of them are the remains of the processes happened even before our birth. At the onset of fetal development the inside of the eye has a fibrous structure. Later these fibers and and other cells make up the vitreous body, but some of the fibers may still remain and float in the fluid of the vitreous body. [♫ music ♫ ] A small canal is between the lens and the optic nerve which has a small vein inside it, leading to the lens to supply it with nutrients. The canal usually completely disappears before the birth The canal usually completely disappears before the birth but small parts of it may remain in the eyeball and they can also cast shadow on the retina. Sooner of later everybodys eyes experience these effects the perception may vary greatly. The floaters are more noticeable when you are looking at a uniform bright surface, such as the LCD screen of a computer snow, or the clear blue sky. [♫ music ♫ ] the stronger the light coming to your eyes, the more your pupil will contract, which also leads to sharper shadows on your retina. the more your pupil will contract, which also leads to sharper shadows on your retina. Therefore we don’t have to worry about the vitreous haze, but if their number suddenly increases, or they block the view greatly call a doctor immediately, because it may be a retina detachment, or a sign of an even more serious illness. This effect is completely natural, so our brains simply forgets about them most of the time, and we only experience the floaters if we really want to. [♫ music ♫ ] [♫ music ♫ ] Thank you for watching, if you liked the video, give it a like, if you want to see more videos like this, subscribe to the channel or donate us on Patreon. We will se you in the next video, bye. [♫ music ♫ ]


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