Me, Myself & Irene (4/5) Movie CLIP – What Is Your Problem? (2000) HD

♪You make me dizzy running circles in my head♪ ♪One of these days, I’ll chase you down♪ ♪Well look who’s going crazy, now we’re face to face, my friend♪ ♪Better get out, better get out♪ What are you staring at, fucker? ♪You know you make me breakout♪ You wanna start me up? Just open the choke and pull the chord, pal. I’m due for a seismic event and you’re dancing on the fault line. Hey, what is your problem, pal? I got no beef with you. This is between me & the kid. Irene: Stop it! -He started it. Irene: I’m so sorry. I have to apologize for him, I mean he’s suffering from this thing. Hank: Come on, I’m standing right here, four eyes. -He does this thing where he’s– – Oh, poor baby has to let his daddy fight his battles for him. (clucks) Irene: He’s an ass. (Hank continues clucking) Pussy. How’s it hanging, fellas? Irene: Hank, I presume. – Do you miss me? – Why don’t you just send Charlie back out here? Things were finally becoming civilized. – Listen, Pocahontas. Unless you put your ear to the ground, you’ll never hear the buffalo coming. – Look, I don’t know that that means, ok? – It means either he’s gotta make up a battle plan or old Hank’s gonna have to take over Fort Charlie for good. – Did you just refer to yourself in the fourth person? – Holy Jesus in Heaven! It’s a giant Q-Tip! – Hank! – What? I’m joking with the guy. Bringing a little sunshine into his life. Careful, you’ll peel. – Do you need to see a menu? – No, thank you. We’ve ordered. (Nose wheezes) – That’s it. Hank: Hey, hey, hey. Hold on there, cheese tits. Did I miss something? – Don’t give me that shit! What you just did to that kid was terrible. Didn’t you see the look on his face? – Looked a little pale, that’s all.


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