MailChimp and Retina Display Images – PixelTV Ep. 37

Apple the brand. Not apple the food. Oh! Now I’m hungry. Did I hit something? I’m so sorry!! [laughter] Hey PixelTV fans and Apple aficionados! Oh, Apple the brand, not apple the food. Now I’m hungry! Okay, so Apple has created several devices
and monitors with what’s called a Retina Display. That means the resolution and pixel density
is so high that it’s hard to discern the pixels. You don’t really have to know anything about
eye anatomy—ew—to know that they make for really crisp, clear images. Now, not everyone that opens your email newsletter
will have retina displays on their computer. But you can optimize for those people without
making the image look bad for everyone else. And it’s a good idea to do it, because if
you don’t, your images will look blurry to whoever does have a retina display. A retina display requires double the pixels
for an image than a regular display does. So you want to make sure you’re resizing images
by a factor of two. Let’s see how that works. Upload the image you want to use in your newsletter
into MailChimp. You’ll probably need to scale it down. If you don’t… if you don’t, you’re watching
the wrong video. So first, think of the size of the final image
you’ll need. Here, we need an image that’s 150 pixels wide. Now I’ll select the image to edit it… But wait! It’s way bigger than 150 pixels. First I’ll edit it in the photo editor to
be 300 pixels wide. Then I’ll close that and change the pixel
count here to 150 pixels. And that’s where we make this image Retina
Display friendly! We half the number of pixels at the second
stage of resizing, so that whenever someone with a Retina Display opens the newsletter,
their computer will double the number of pixels and it will still look great. If you enjoyed this episode, be sure to subscribe. Next time, we’ll explore more functionality
in the MailChimp media library. There might be a little less math. You can subscribe at

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