Macbook Pro w/ Retina Display Review!

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a new perspective. Im Mohammad and 31 years ago, apple announced its first personal computer,
the Macintosh, Over the decades, many more models of macs have been announced, some better
than others, but apples flagship 13” laptop is scaring the competition. Today, I place
the 13” MacBook Pro w/ retina display under the hammer and we will see if this laptop
is worth the premium price tag. As always, without any further ado, this is my review
of the the Apple 13” Macbook pro w/ retina display. The MacBook Pro can be easily defined by its
own name. It supposed to be professional laptop, built for professionals, for professional
uses. It should be able to smoothly run professional applications, and should come built in with
professional hardware and professional software. This is the ideal ‘pro’ laptop. So, does
the Macbook live to it’s name? That’s a complicated answer.
I’ll begin with the hardware of the MacBook Pro. This laptop is close to the definition
of professional, at least in the hardware department. The design is absolutely the best
in in its league, so good that competing brands shamelessly copy the flawless design. This
beauty starts with the unbelievably thin profile of the unibody aluminium design, partnered
with the gorgeous contrasting black of the keyboard paired with the glossy black bezel
around the display, which ill talk about later. The large spacious trackpad, in my eyes is
the best in the business, made of aluminium, covered with a thin sheet of glass, which
makes it prone to cracking, if you ever drop the computer. The multitasking gestures are
great, and ill talk more about them in the software review. The integration of HDMI is
no great feat, but it is a great help and even though 2 USB ports on a professional
laptop is way too little, it still beats the Microsoft Surface Pro 3. An addition of 2
thunderbolt ports may be useless for the average consumer, but for the pro user, it is heaven.
Small additions like the glowing apple logo and the adjustable backlit keyboard really
add to the experience, whether you are a pro user or not, but the real cake of the macbook
is it’s display. Its even in the name. Apple’s retina display blew minds when it first came
out for the 15” model. It was, at that time, the highest definition display of any laptop
in history with a resolution of 2880 x 1800. This may seem average now, but it was a huge
milestone in the PC industry. Later on, Apple announced the 13” which supports a 2560
x 1600 display which is still great for crisp photo editing, though a larger, more pixel
dense display may be better for editing 4K, though for the size and portability, you can’t
get better than this. The colours are great, the blacks are deep and because the screen
is laminated, you feel as if text and pictures are right under you fingers. The screen truly
is the best feature of this computer. But now we move on to the software side of
this review. I have to say, this is not a full review of Apple’s latest Operating
System, OS X 10.10 Yosemite, as i shall leave that for another video, instead, ill try to
see how the Operating system coexists with the hardware. Now, I’ve been using OS X for
the last 6 years, and Im very used to the apple ecosystem, so choosing a mac as my first
pc was an easy choice. I was comfortable with the software, and knew how to get around.
Even though apple has revamped its operating system with a whole new feel, thanks to sir
jony ive, its still feels the same as the previous versions. Apple is still continuing
the same motto of “just working” and never has apple fulfilled that motto more than with
this software. It has a great system UI, easy to use and friendly interface and great features
such as gestures with the trackpad and multiple desktops that competing softwares such as
Windows 10 copy. Over the years, Mac compatibility has reached an all time high. As Mac sales
rise, a larger market is created for developers, to introduce their software to new or old
customers. This is great for apple and the developers, as more profit is made on both
sides. Adobe’s master collection, a truly professional line of applications is available
for the mac, making it more appealing to new customers. Apple even has its own line of
professional software, for video and photo editing, music making which i use on a daily
basis. For free, apple offer their iLife and iWork lines of applications, to compete against
Microsoft’s brilliant word, powerpoint and excel applications, but pages, numbers, and
keynote aren’t what you expect of professional software, and that is why many opt out to
get Microsoft applications, even though they will spend extra. In my eyes, the greatest
feature of apples software is its amazing flow. Everything just moves beautifully, with
no lag to stop the animations. Text is vivid, the transparency is beautiful and in my eyes
it is the most beautiful UI apple has every developed. You may pay the premium price tag for a pro
computer, but in my eyes it is worth it. Apple’sx flagship 13” is the best laptop they have
created and i cant wait to see what they have for their next generation. This was my review
of the Apple 13” Macbook pro with retina display. Be sure to like this video, comment
down any questions and subscribe to project revamp. Thank you for watching and i hope
to see you in the next one!


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