MacBook Pro Screen | How I REMOVED Anti Glare Coating STAIN | You won’t believe what FIXED My Issue

Ok so you own a Mac Book Pro 2015 and
you have the anti-glare issue which is all over the Internet in this video I’m
going to show you how I got the completely rid of that and how you can
possibly try this at home okay so a little disclaimer first this issue with
the anti glare problem was actually picked up by Apple and there is a four
year protection plan on this so if you have a MacBook Pro with this anti glare
issue please contact Apple first contact your Apple Store and look online because
you may be covered you can take your MacBook Pro in there’s a four year
period and you can get it fixed for free so do that first this is a disclaimer
I’m not saying you should do what I’ve done but this is what I did to get rid
of the anti glare issue now first of all I want to say Apple of course do have
this plan and the MacBook Pro that we had in the office just you know we never
got around to doing it and there was four years that’s plenty of time it’s
really our fault that we didn’t get down to Apple and get it replaced but
nevertheless this issue persists and it got much worse over time and then we
tried to clean it again and then the whole screen is just so hard to use
especially for video editing you can’t really color correct on it at all
so what did I do and how did I get rid of the anti glare issue here’s a before
and here’s a quick after of what the screen looks like so I searched online I
was looking around for some way you could scrape off this anti glare problem
or you could kind of rub it off or clean it off and obviously it’s your screen so
you want to be really really careful and I found a few different solutions online
and then when I looked into some of them some people said used metal polish some
people say use a really strong some floor cleaner and then one video I saw
came across said use Listerine yes the same Listerine that you use to
community well I looked at some of the chemicals within it and it seemed to me
like it would be the least harsh and possibly the most effective so I didn’t
mean to set this up as a tutorial but I was getting frustrated I just done the
washing at home and I thought you know what I’m gonna give this a go
so I filmed some clips with my iPhone sorry about the poor quality but this is
how I did it so I basically got a microfiber cloth brand new of course you
don’t want any dust or dirt getting on the cloth and then I used a round kind
of I’d say kind of a quarter of a can of coke size of this tree and put it into a
jug soaked the microfiber cloth and then rubbed it onto the screen now as you can
see halfway through here I’m absolutely bricking on I’m thinking
have I made this worse is the screen going to work when I turn it on so far
it’s a pretty scary period of doing this but continue watching and see what
happens next so there you go what do you think leave
a comment below have you tried this thing you have this problem with your
MacBook Pro if you try this approach just let me know how it worked for you
as I say disclaimer you’re doing this at your own risk of
course you are doing this completely at your own risk
I wouldn’t recommend you follow me but if you want to you can of course take it
to Apple if not but let me know did this fix your issue leave a comment below and
let me know how you got on with your MacBook Pro and send me a photo I think
mine came out pretty good is pretty clean it’s a little bit more shiny of
course because the anti glare is now completely gone but we can now use it we
can color corrector we can do all the things that we need to do in video and
the screen looks like a brand new screen so overall for an old Mac I’m pretty
happy with the results and if you want more videos like this or videos on video
editing design or audio make sure you subscribe to this channel hit that
notification bell and you’ll see more videos just like this I’ll see you in
the next one


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