MacBook Pro Retina GPU Fix (Faster, No-Bake)

Hey, I wanna share with you something that
worked for me, in the case of my MacBook Pro Retina not displaying any video, either on
an external monitor, or on the built-in monitor. And, to be clear, this computer is working
fine in this case. I can boot up, I can do anything I want (if
I can remember the keystrokes for it). There’s just no video. And I’ve tried all the things that you’ve
tried online. That’s why you’re here. So, all the regular things didn’t work, and
the next step would be to bake this thing in the oven. I’m going to suggest you try this first because
it worked for me, it takes about 10 seconds, and it’s equally as possibly destructive as
baking the thing in the oven. So, give it a try first, I think. So, I’m going to show you really quickly,
here, on my MacBook Pro Retina – I think this is a 2012. I don’t know which years this applicable to. But again, if you’re going to bake it, do
this first. So, we’ve got to remove all these screws here. Um, I think you’re going to have to get a
special screwdriver for that, as I did, which kinda sucks. But it’s, again, better than buying a new
MacBook Pro. Uh, so here’s my dude inside, here. All I did was: here, which I’m assuming is
the GPU. Honestly I’m not sure. CPU, GPU, one of the two. But, um, this guy here, on the corners, on
the opposite corners, just press REALLY frigging hard. I mean, don’t go get a tool or something. But, using as much force as you can with your
hands or your thumbs, just rrghrhghrhr, and then hrhrrrjggggh. I know that sounds so stupid and barbaric,
but it’s actually worked for me. So, I did that- Oh, God! Turn the machine off first. Turn the machine off, do that, open it back
up, and hopefully like me, you’ll find that it boots like a charm. I don’t know why this works. Um, I can tell you that I did this about 14
days ago. Um, in that time, I’ve had to redo it twice. Um, and also, I’ve had it in sleep and then
opened it up, and I’ve had that message on screen in like 4,000 languages saying, you
know, your computer is screwed up, you gotta restart. So, this is not a permanent solution. But this is a way to maybe buy you time until
you can save up enough money for another MacBook Pro, or a Windows machine, or whatever it
is you need to go to get back on the road. This is, uh, I think, a lot easier than baking
it in the oven. I hope that helps for you. Again, it’s probably a very small percentage
of situations that are out there. But if you’re – if everything I’ve described
matches your situation perfectly, try this. Honestly, what’s the worst that could happen? It’s probably a piece of garbage already,
if this fix doesn’t work. So, good luck! Let me know if this helps.


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