MacBook Pro Retina 15″ (2014) Unboxing & Overview

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to use the coupon code gadget15 for 15% off your order. Links are in the description. Hey everyone this is chad from
and in this video we’ll be doing an unboxing and overview of the brand new mid 2014 15
inch retina macbook pro. I actually have both the thirteen and fifteen inch so be sure to
check out my video on the fifteen inch model and also my comparison between the two which
will be linked in the description. Aesthetically speaking this 2014 macbook pro
is exactly the same as the previous gen. The real difference lies within the internals.
But before we get into the specs let’s do this unboxing. First we’ll go ahead and set aside the macbook
pro, and next we’ll find the designed by apple in california box which holds a quick
start guide, the macbook pro important info guide, some apple stickers, and a nice little
cleaning cloth. Here we’ll find ourselves the power cord
and power brick for charging up the computer, and that’s it. The 15 inch macbook pro just looks absolitely
stunning. It’s actually only 1.8 cms thick and weighs just under 4 and a half pounds.
On the left side we have the MagSafe 2 power port, Two Thunderbolt 2 ports , a USB 3.0
port, a hedaphone jack, and dual mics. Towards the right you’ll find the second
of two usb ports, an hdmi port, and a sd card slot. This specific macbook pro i’ve unboxed is
the base configutation fifteen inch model. Now in years past the base model just wouldn’t
be powerful enough to handle any intense editing or real work. But this year Apple has bumped
the specs of the MacBook pros across the board. The base model goes up from 2GHz to 2.2GHz
and the higher end model moves up to 2.5GHz from 2.3GHz. And both of these rock the same
i7 Haswell processors from last year. When it comes to storage nothing has changed.
You can do a custom order and get both the base and higher end model with up to 1tb of
storage but they come standard with 256 and 512gbs of flash storage. Another major change is with the ram. These
new 15 inch macbook pros now come standard with 16GBs of ram which is absolutely huge
for those that need a portable laptop to edit on the go. I see a lot of content creators
purchasing these updated macbook pros in the future. So far I’ve been really impressed. This
thing has been stunningly fast and I’m really excited to edit this video on it. If there’s
any specific coverage you all would like to see feel free to leave a comment below, or
if there’s something you really really want to see covered send me a tweet @gadgetguruhd
since I’ll see your message over there no matter what. Anyway, if you enjoyed this video please do
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