Low Vision Part 4: How Can People With Low Vision Maintain a Positive Outlook?

[MUSIC] The right services and devices
coupled with a positive outlook can help people affected by
vision loss overcome obstacles and maintain their
quality of life. It’s very, very common for
individuals who have just experienced a significant loss
of vision to be very depressed. And it’s a common thing. We know that, that depression
is about one-third of people who have experienced a
permanent loss of vision. And so the important thing
for them is to show them that there are things that can help
them to continue to be able to function better and I think
oftentimes they don’t know. If a person gives up tasks
and gives up more tasks, they can often fall
into that depression. They get caught in that
depressive cycle where they feel as though, I can’t, I
won’t, I don’t know what to do, and I don’t do anything. I went through a major
depression for about a year. I was just – I didn’t go
anywhere, I didn’t do anything. I resigned from my job of 11
years, I just – at that point, I thought life was over. My counselors had introduced
me to the Lighthouse. Okay, so what I’m going
to have you do is read character by character,
basically just go over – At that time,
I had learnt a lot. I was seeing a lot of
different people like myself. The depression went away. Everything started
to get better. My independence came back. My confidence came back. It just made me feel good
to see that by me being so young and being a mom, it
was not as bad as it appeared. It was not the
end of the world. [MUSIC]

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