Low Vision Part 3: How Can People With Low Vision Maintain Their Independence?

[MUSIC] Low vision services allow those
with low vision to not only maintain independence
but also pursue their goals, hobbies, and passions. You know, they might have been
told by their eye care provider, “I’m sorry, there’s nothing
more that we can do for you.” And yet there are many,
many things that can be done. So, there may not be anything
more medically or surgically that can be done, but from
the standpoint of enhancing functional vision, there are
many things that we can do. We want to show
them the ways that they can continue to
remain independent. Remain in their own homes. Be able to maintain
their own finances. Read the newspaper and
do all those things that are part of everyday life. It is very important for you to
seek the information yourself. Because that’s a form of
independence, and you don’t ever want to give that up. Google, check the
Internet, try to find counselors, network,
research, talk to people, don’t shut down. Whatever you do, don’t shut down. Talk as much as you can. Ask questions, don’t be ashamed, don’t be embarrassed, don’t give up. Because it’s just so much
out there that can help you. [MUSIC]

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