Low Vision Part 1: What Is Low Vision?

[MUSIC] Millions of Americans have
low vision and cannot correct their eyesight
with regular glasses, contact lenses,
medicine, or surgery. Low vision can result
from a variety of eye diseases and
health conditions. Age-related macular
degeneration accounts for almost 45 percent of all cases. Many people with
cataract, glaucoma, or diabetic retinopathy
also have low vision. In the past, low vision was
defined as vision 20/70 or less. The definition now is vision
loss not correctable with standard glasses or
contact lenses that affects the person’s
functional abilities. So, it’s not about a number now, it’s about reduced vision that’s
affecting the quality of life of the individual and
their functional abilities. To get a referral to a
specialist in low vision, you should really start with
your regular eye care provider. So, ask them who they
would like to refer you to. Ultimately, you have to
get an evaluation, because an evaluation is going
to sort out what things are going to help you
to function better. You’re going to have a chance
to actually try those devices. [MUSIC]

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