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Good Morning Everyone. Welcome to The Low
Vision Kitchen. I am William Elliott and today we’re going to be making a recipe from Britain
called a “Scotch Egg.” If anyone out there is uncertain of what a
Scotch Egg is It’s actually a very delicious recipe it’s high protein Definintely very
low carb. There are virtually no carbohydrates in there whatsoever. If you are on a low carb
diet this could be a tasty addition to your recipes. It’s basically a hard boiled egg
which is then coated in a sausage mixture, I use pork sausage it is already available
from the supermarket. That in addition is rolled in an egg mixture and covered with
breadcrumbs. The traditional recipe calls for the completed egg to then be deep fried.
But I personally prefer to oven roast the item. The Scotch Eggs. To finish off. This
gives a crusty crunchy bite and thoroughly delicious. A Scotch Egg can be eaten hot straight
from the oven after a little cooling or is just as delicious cold the next day. All the
ingredients are really simple to find you only need four ingredients. A hard bolied
egg I have boled some earlier. Make sure they are hard all the way through. Sausage meat,
which is already minced and prepared with spices, and a simple egg wash and breadcrumbs.
Which are then used to coat the finished egg. Before we start I have set my oven to pre
heat to 350 degrees Fahrenheit which if you have a gas oven is gas mark 4. The eggs will
cook for about thirty to forty minutes You need to cook them until the pork is completely
cooked through. This normally takes about thirty minutes. You can add a little extra
time if you like. It is not a crucial cooking time. Be sure that the pork is thoroughly
cooked. Before we start. Here is the list of ingredients.
This bowl I have some hard boiled eggs I decided to make several scotch eggs today You can
even make one or two if you like. It’s best though if you make several in a batch because
it can be a little messy. Don’t worry about me wearing gloves. The reason I am wearing
gloves is because I will need to wash my hands several times during the filming and I just
don’t want to be working with wet hands. You can just use bare hands there is nothing too
serious just keep your hands clean. These eggs are hard boiled I boiled them last night
for about five minutes and left them in the water to cool and then placed them into the
refridgerator. I shelled them this morning. Now it is important to remember to take off
the shells. It is NOT a very good idea to have a full egg with the shell inside your
scotch egg it is Not very tasty. and very unpleasant. After you shell the eggs just
give them a rinse under a running fawcwett and wash off any small pieces of eggshell
that might still be there. We also have a bowl of sausage meat. This sausage meat is
premade and you can buy at a supermarket or if you have a local butcher who makes their
own sausages they may be willing to sell you some of their own sausage meat. It is fairly
inexpensive an its very tasty. Another bowl here is I am using a bowl of
milk in place of an egg wash. But normally you would use eggs. Milk will do as a replacement.
That will coat the outside of the sausage meat and then we go to our breadcrumbs The
breadcrumbs are used to coat the outside of the completed scotch egg. We can use breadcrumbs
you can make your own. Just put some bread which is going stale into a blender and give
that a quick whisk with some good sharp blades to reduce it to fine breadcrumbs or you can
use ready p prepared breadcrumbs at the supermarket. Also you can use things like broken crackers
which also make excellent crumbs. Or even Panco breadcrumbs. The first thing we need to do, scotch eggs
are very simple is to basically wrap a sausage meat around an egg. Get a nice piece of sausage
meat I think about the size of the palm of my hand is fairly good. We just press out
this to make a nice patty. It doesn’t have to be nice and shapely there is no reason
to worry if you get an awkward shape. Its all going to look good in the final egg. Make
a slight depression in the center of the patty that is to hold our egg we then begin to fold
into the sausage meat. If you heard that sigh there, that is my Leif my guide dog, who is
very upset that he is not the official taste tester for this. He would dearly love some
of this sausage. But that is not going to happen. We wrap the egg so you have what looks like
a ball of sausage meat. Make it about the size of a baseball or cricket ball. Then make
sure the egg is completely enclosed before dipping your sausage meat into the egg wash
or milk. Roll it around a little. Then we then take our breadcrumbs the egg and sausage
mixture goes into the breadcrumbs roll that around. Tip some crumbs over the top. It doesn’t
take very long and you should then have a scotch egg which looks like this. Now I’ve
prepared a baking sheet. Place your finished egg onto the baking sheet I have used some
parchment paper and this is just to keep the baking sheet clean making it easier to remove
the eggs when they are finished you don’t need to worry about greasing the pan you can
also use some aluminium foil or tin foil. It’s just the same. Just saves on time cleaning
up later. I will finish up making the rest of my eggs then when we are ready I will show
you where they go into the oven. We’ll close off for the moment. Here we have our finished
baking sheet of scotch eggs. As you can perhaps tell they vary in sizes that doesn’t really
matter but what you really want to be sure of is that you do cook the sausage meat through
completely. Pork is not very good if you don’t cook it properly. I was left with some sausage
meat over and so I decided to make some little sausage meatballs All I did was make them
to about the size of a golf ball and dip them in the milk or egg wash just as we sdid with
the scotch eggs. Then rolled them in breadcrumbs. That is a little experiment and I’ll see how
they taste. Now our oven has been pre heating for several minutes. It is on 350 degrees
Fahrenheit or gas mark 4. And we’ll now put the scotch eggs into the oven for about thirty
to forty minutes. Until they are nice and golden brown and crispy on the outside. We need to put them near the centre of the
oven. Just above the centre so that is where they will go. We will take a look at them
in about thirty minutes time. Here are our scotch eggs they are really hot. and sizzling
at the moment. They are fresh out of the oven and nice and brown. Crispy. If you touch them
lightly you can feel a little give in the surface. That is alright no need to worry.
The pan is actually full of hot grease as well. Some of the grease has drained out which
is a good reason why we cook them in the oven. To rroast them a little. It reduces some of
the fat content. So be very very careful as you touch the base of the pan. That is full
of very hot grease. We now let them rest for a while try to slightly angle the pan a little
so the grease flows away from the scotch eggs. That saves them soaking up that grease When
we have let them cool we’ll take another look at them. Show you what they look like when
you cut one open. To actually eat it. Here we have our Scotch Egg this is just to show
you what they should look like I’ll just cut it. open. Cutting it down the middle. There
you can see we have layers of breadcrumbs then the sausage meat and then the egg in
the middle all nice and cooked. It actually smells very very delicious. So there we have
our completed Scotch Egg. You can enjoy your Scotch Egg any time of day. It’s very good
as a breakfast, maybe with some sliced apple. or fruit. For Lunch it’s a favourite on the
menu in British pubs as we call it pub grub. It goes down well with a nice beer or any
soft drinks. You can take it on a picnic or use it as part of a main course for dinner.
You would probably serve it then with a baked potato or other vegetables. like carrots,
peas, maybe some mashed potato. It’s delicious cold straight from the fridge you can eat
it because everything is already cooked. Also you can warm it up again on the broiler adding
a little crispness or pop it into the microwave. For about thirty seconds or so just to warm
it through. Becareful if you do it can be very hot on the outside while still cool in
the middle so be careful as you take that first bite. You could get a nasty burn. But
really enjoy making some Scotch Eggs Enjoy eating your Scotch Eggs I really enjoy them
because they are quick and easy there are only really three ingredients in the recipe.
You can make them in less than two hours. If you include the time to boil the eggs.
Then actually cooking the Scotch Egg itself. So a lot of the time is actually in preparation.
Have fun I hope you will rejoin us again on another Low Vision Kitchen Thank you and please
subscribe if you have enjoyed this program. Thank You.

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