Linda Lehman, MD – Ophthalmology | Ames, Iowa | McFarland Clinic

Hi, I’m Linda Lehman, and I’m an ophthalmologist
here at McFarland Clinic, and I love ophthalmology! A typical visit to the Ophthalmology department,
you come into our nice waiting room and be greeted by our receptionist. If you choose there is an Optical there, and
you can look for glasses or sunglasses if you like. You’re brought back to an exam room by one
of our assistants. We have certified ophthalmic assistants, and
we have nurses who work with us. And they do the initial part of the exam,
so they would test vision and do interocular pressure, some of the confrontation fields,
perhaps check glasses. We also have a contact lens department. They’re very good, very knowledgeable. Gas permeable lenses are a dying art, and
specialty lenses like keratoconus– a lot of things are going to disposable, and we have
experts on all of those things. So contact lenses is another reason people
come to us. A lot of people will come to us for eye diseases. So glaucoma is a fairly common eye disease, in fact 14 percent of the population over age 80 would have that. We do a lot of diabetic eye exams. People with diabetes can have things that
affect their eyes without them even being aware of that, and it’s very important to
have an annual dilated exam for diabetes. So we want to make sure that the retina primarily
looks very good. I love to see kids. That’s probably my most rewarding part is
when I get a hug from a kid.

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